Goals 2011

26 Jan

I have some lofty goals for 2011!  Hopefully sharing them will help me to achieve them!

1. Starting off that list was to set up a new blog in wordpress! CHECK! I got that one out of the way within the first month of the year. Yay!

2. Post at least 4 times a week. Many bloggers aim for a post every day, but with my workload as an associate in a national law firm, daily posts just isn’t a realistic goal for me (and hey, if I average more than 4 posts a week, I’ve overachieved!!).

3. Post at least one tutorial a quarter. While I’ve always enjoyed a great tutorial for crafts, it wasn’t until I started learning to sew that I really began to appreciate tutorials.

4. Weekly project. I want to complete at least one project a week (excluding holidays), even if it is just something simple. This will be tough to do with my schedule, but I think I can do it!

5. Open an Etsy shop. I’ve been entertaining this idea for a while at the urging of my sister, so I’ve decided, what the heck, why not? I’m going to start out with my custom paper lovelies (invites, cards, stationary, etc.) and see how it goes. I set up my account this morning, so I’m on my way to checking this one off the list!




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