4 Feb

Sorry for no post yesterday!  Rough/stressful day at work and then we had dinner plans with a friend who is moving to Scottsdale.  It was fun to tell him everything we’ve learned so far since moving here.  I think we got him pretty excited about it!  Glad to have a friend out here now too!

Guess what came in the mail yesterday??  This!!

The ITALIAN issue! WOOO!  I love love Italian food.  I haven’t made gotten through much of the magazine yet, but there were definitely some delicious looking dishes.  There were also some ingredients that I don’t even recognize which could be trouble.  I’ll be sure to try a few out and share any good ones!  I think the first I will try is the low cal fettucini alfredo (is that REALLY possible?  could low cal alfredo really be good??  stay tuned). 

We’ve got big plans for the weekend- we are going to start working on our bedroom and bathroom.  We are going gray (we adore gray…I wear gray most every day in some fashion).  I painted our bathroom a lovely shade of blue earlier and my husband just cannot stand it.  He lived with it for 5 months and he just hates it every time he walks in.  I’ll admit that while I do love it (mostly because I’ve always wanted a blue bathroom), it isn’t the shade of blue I was envisioning so I’m perfectly ok with a re-do (thank goodness paint is pretty inexpensive because we change our mind ALOT!).  We are also adding a frame to our bathroom mirror.  I found a great tutorial online (I can’t find it right now, but will post link later) and already got all the materials for it.  Our bathroom is just calling for this frame and I think it will make a big impact in the room.  Super excited to see how that turns out!  I’ve also got some projects in mind for our lamps and our bed (still gotta talk Jason into that idea…he’s such a skeptic).  Hoping for a productive weekend with great pictures to show everyone!

Have a great weekend! 




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