Successful Saturday Shopping

27 Feb

Hoorah for a good shopping day!  I was able to find several cute things and take advantage of a sale at one of my favorite stores.  I love a sale.  I thought I would share my finds.

I was in search of flats.  I looked at every store at Fashion Square mall at least once before making a purchase.  Poor Jason… shoe shopping is his least favorite.  I believe our conversations went like this… me: “what do you think?” Jason: “cute” me: “are you sure?” Jason: “yeah they look good” me: “are you sure they don’t make my feet look like boats?” Jason: “NO! just GET THE SHOES!”  Fortunately, I found two pairs that were comfortable and cute (or at least I think so). 

First up, the Steve Madden classic black leather ballet flat with a cute, flirty bow!  This will be good for dressy or casual looks.

Then I found these cuties for only $29!  They are by Rocket Dog.  Natural linen with a glint of silver (it is hard to see the silver in the picture).  I thought these would be a fresh look for spring paired with bright-colored tops in all the hot spring colors.

Now, I just need some pointy toe flats (pointed toe is back!) and maybe some bright-colored flats and I’ll be set.

I also needed some new running shoes to get me motivated to start running again.  I actually picked these up on Tuesday and tried them out today.  I adore them.  I really wanted something bright (they are brighter than the picture) and fun that made me smile when I put them on (instead of scowl at the thought of working out in them).   We’ll see how long that happiness lasts! ha!

Next up was a few shirts.  I got a couple from BCBG and a couple at Banana.  Can you tell what my favorite colors are??  I’m loving this bright coral that is literally everywhere for spring!  May have to bring some into the house too!

And last, but not least, a quick trip to TJ Maxx resulted in a couple accesssories for the master bedroom. 

 I just love the tecture of that vase (or urn as Jason called it).   They had a larger one that I can’t stop thinking about, but it was a tangerine color.  I really want to buy it and paint it white.  I may have to. 

I thought this large white coral and a crystal block would also look great in the master bedroom.  One of our pillows has gray coral embroidery on it, so this ties in well.

Needless to say, we were both worn out from all the shopping.  Jason was so sweet to let me look and look til my heart was content and his pocketbook was empty!!  I have a feeling his patience has something to do with a certain bachelor party that will be taking place at my home from Thurs-Sunday for one of our dearest friends.  Five boys (I’m not quite sure they qualify as men, especially when they all get together…they revert back to high school! ha!) will be invading my house.  A trip to Sam’s Club is definitely in order to be able to feed all these fellas.  They have lots of things planned to do, so I should get lots of projects finished up!

Until tomorrow!



One Response to “Successful Saturday Shopping”

  1. Pam February 28, 2011 at 4:34 AM #

    Cute shoes and tops. Do the guys know you have this

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