A Few Sunday Finds

1 Mar

While Jason worked in the yard on Sunday, I took a little trip to look for some goodies.  I hit up Goodwill, an antique shop and TJ Maxx.  It has been years since I went into a thrift store.  As soon as I walked in, lots of memories of times with my Mom and Dad came flooding back.  We used to go to antique stores nearly every weekend when I was younger just for fun.  I saw so many cool things that I did not need, but I sure enjoyed looking. 

Here are some of my finds (I didn’t get any good pics from the antique store unfortunately).

Teal Jars from Goodwill. Two of these came home with me for my office! $2.99 and $3.99

TJ Maxx dining chairs. love the color and the silver nailheads. $129

Adorable pair of yellow chairs, with nailheads of course! TJ Maxx $129

So cute!

Love the colors and shape of this chair at World Market

Thought this would really make a statement somewhere. I love the graphic element.

Sewing Decals. Wouldn't these be cute in a sewing/craft room?!

I’ve got LOTS of sewing to do.  I’ve got two birthday presents that MUST go out.  They are already late.  I’m such a bad friend!  Hopefully they will forgive me when they see how cute their gifts are! 

Also, Jason and I have FINALLY started running again. We’ve made it 3 days consecutive days so far.  We started with 2 miles the first day and did 2.5 the next two days.  We will probably try for 3 today.  We are so lucky to have lots of nice trails around our house to run on, even if they are hilly.  We get to take in the beautiful mountains and desert scenery as we run, which makes it so much more enjoyable than running on the road.  After a month of consistent running, we are going to train for a half marathon!  I decided we need a goal to keep us going and Jason was game.  I feel like 13.1 miles isn’t too bad and it takes less than 2 hours to run it (an entire marathon just seems like a big waste of time…that’s probably my knees talking).  Plus, the training isn’t bad at all.  The longest run is 10 miles.  Totally do-able.  Wish us luck!  I’ll keep you posted with our progress. 

I found this photo that was taken in the area we run (Sonoran Preserve).  It is from a cool travel blog.  I will try to get some shots to share from our actual run.

Happy Tuesday!




One Response to “A Few Sunday Finds”

  1. Pam March 1, 2011 at 10:08 PM #

    I want every item…..

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