For the Love of………Animals

19 Mar

Hello, my name is Kristin, and I LOVE ANIMALS.  I really truly do.  I love them all.  One of my favorite places is the zoo (although I feel conflicted because I feel it is cruel, but I sure love getting to see the exotic animals).  One of my favorite things about Scottsdale is the bunnies hopping around everywhere.  In movies, I sob if an animal dies or is killed (“I am Legend” at the movie theater was embarrassing, my husband literally hid his face).  I chose a vegetarian lifestyle in part because it is healthier, but mainly because I cannot stand the thought of an animal dying for me to eat a hamburger when there are so many other things I can eat (this is a personal choice and I have no problem with people who do eat meat…including my husband).  I buy cage free eggs because it is less cruel.  Am I certifiable??

Yesterday I was wondering how I became this person.   The first thing I thought of was the movies I watched during my formative years.  The most compelling was Gorillas in the Mist. 

Anyone seen this movie?  I watched it over and over and sobbed each and every time.  It is a true story about Dian Fossey who spent years studying gorillas in the rainforest of Rwanda and became an activist against poaching and protested the government for not doing anything to stop the poaching.  Not only were her “friends” (the gorillas she spent her days with) murdered, but she was murdered as well.   I highly recommend this movie.  You can read more about Dian’s story here:

I also watched lots of other children’s classics.  Old Yeller (Old Yeller protects his owner against wild animals and ends up getting rabies and his owner has to shoot him…cried for days). Where the Red Fern Grows (I only watched this once and I still can’t even talk about this movie it breaks my heart so much).  Charolette’s Web (Wilbur was fighting not to be turned into bacon).  101 Dalmations (Cruella wanting to take adorable puppies and make fur coats).  Bambi (hunters kill Bambi’s mom leaving him orphaned and alone).  All Dogs Go to Heaven.  Lady and the Tramp.  The Lion King.  Chicken Run (ok I watched this when I was in high school and still sobbed…chickens trying to escape the farm so they don’t become pot pie).  Finding Nemo (taking a sweet baby fish from the sea and his father to put in an aquarium in a dentist office).  The list goes on and on.

Anyone seeing a pattern here????  Still wonder why I am a crazy animal lover?

I”M NOT!!!!!!

As usual….Hollywood is to blame.  And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 




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