A fun weekend and a diet blown

10 Aug

Well a few days have flown by without me having time to blog!  My in-laws and nephew came to visit us from Saturday-Wednesday.  Despite lots of the planned activities getting cancelled due to closings (who knew everything “touristy” in Scottsdale shuts down during summer?!) we managed to have a pretty great time!  We spent alot of time by the pool swimming and playing cornhole (we still have the cornhole set we borrowed from a friend for our party several weeks ago….BUT we are ordering our own fabulous set from a very talented guy because we have loved playing so much- check out his website here: www.nwacornhole.com).  We celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday on Saturday.  I made homemade strawberry cupcakes (definitely not vegan) and Jason grilled up some deliciousness.  We also went up to Flagstaff for the Cardinals training camp practice session.  It was so awesome.  Everyone sits right on the practice field so you are up close and personal to these monsters (as in giants, not mean) you watch on TV.  We also got some autographs after the game.  It started raining after the game so lots of the players didn’t sign anything, but the ones who did were SO friendly and sweet.  Jason got Larry Fitzgerald’s autograph….he is the most famous player on the team.  We also got our picture made with the head coach, who was also incredibly nice.  I look like a drowned rat from standing out in the rain, but I will treasure that picture nontheless.  One of the best things about the game was the weather- a breezy 80 degrees!  It was a welcome relief from the boiling desert sun!  We also took my nephew to a waterpark.  It brought back a lot of memories of days gone by.  It has been a really long time since I’ve been to a waterpark.  Walking around in a swimsuit all day is SO fun….not. 

Needless to say, I did not eat well with our visitors.  I definitely indulged in dairy and sweets.  I have been eating pretty darn well for the last 3-4 weeks, so this gut buster weekend gave me the opportunity to see what how my new lifestyle was working.  Let me tell you, I am 100% convinced that the “Crazy Sexy Diet” lifestyle is the right way to live.  I felt completely drained and rundown from Sunday-Thursday and suffered a massive headache the whole time.  This proves to me, although I knew it was true from my studies but now I’ve personally experienced it, that sugar is an addictive legal drug that is potent to our systems.  After eating all that crap and getting a horrible headache, I yearned for soda to “cure” my headache (I did not give in).  THAT CRAP IS A TRAP.  Lesson learned!  I’m happy to report that by Friday  my headache was gone.   I’m making green smoothies myself in my trust Magic Bullet….hopefully they will get better as a practice and experiment because so far I don’t have anything on Whole Foods’ smoothie.  Nothing makes the rest of my day better than to start out the morning with a yummy veggie/fruit smoothie concoction.  I’ve been going with a blend of kale, spinach, cucumber, banana and strawberries (and water).  You don’t even taste the veggies because the banana is pretty strong.  Now, banana has a higher glycemic index, which isn’t ideal, so I’m going to have to find some other fruits to try when I get a little more adjusted to the green drinks.  These green elixirs are touted to be the fountain of youth, not to mention cure diseases (especially inflammatory problems and autoimmune disorders).  I was not suffering with diseases, but I can definitely tell you some good things are happening inside and out.  I’m starting to feel “ALIVE” again.  And the best thing is, I’m taking this with a no pressure, go slow attitude.  In the past with actual diets, I would just start cold turkey and then expect to be able to stay on it without cheating.  Since this is a true lifestyle overhaul and not a temporary diet, I’m taking it one day at a time.  Looking for ways to improve each and every meal without overwhelming myself.  Vegan is hard, very hard.  So I’m not beating myself up for having a piece of bread at dinner (which probably has eggs, milk, and butter) when I ordered a spaghetti with marinara sauce, hold the cheese, instead of the creamy cheesy ravioli dish that I would normally get.  One step at a time.  Get the book.  Seriously. I’m telling you, it could very well be the best money you ever spent.

Daily Dose (probiotics not pictured)


3 Responses to “A fun weekend and a diet blown”

  1. Pam August 11, 2011 at 5:22 AM #

    What is Kale

  2. Jessica September 1, 2011 at 1:53 AM #

    Love reading your blog!!! Wish you were coming to the reunion this weekend. JGB

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