Current Obsessions

31 Aug

If you ask my husband (or probably anyone else who knows me well), he would tell you I’m a bit obsessive.  If I get super interested in something, it swiftly and vastly overtakes my life.  Don’t worry, it usually fades just as quickly as it invades.  That’s right….I get bored easily.   There, I said it.  Just take a look at all the scrapbooking/stamping crap supplies I have in the closet that hasn’t been touched much since last fall.  My husband recently asked when I planned to use it all again and I explained it was only for fall (due to my husband being parked in front of the  tv watching football games and fantasy scores) and special occasions.  Now that I’ve adopted m year of experience, I can chock my obsession up to experiencing new things! :)   So, what you ask are my current obsessions?  Well here you go… no certain order.

1.  Healthy Living (shocker!). 

 This includes an organic home (food is going well…other products not so much since my husband works for a consumer products company and hasn’t bought in to my green revolution), green smoothies, daily exercise, lots of water, more vegan meals, less refined sugar and processed foods.  Toxins OUT- vitamins, nutrients, minerals IN!  [Don’t judge me by the way I ate during the last week….it WAS my birthday week after all].  Work in progress for sure.  My mom got me a vegan cookbook for my birthday and I’m ordering a couple more from Amazon to arm myself with lots of recipes in hopes that this will NOT be a fleeting obsession.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to do the Crazy Sexy Diet 21 day cleanse in September.  I will be blogging about my experience with the cleanse.  If anyone wants to virtually join me in this journey, let me know and we can do it together! PS- Today I discovered Kris Carr and I are both August babies and virgos….no wonder I like her so much.  I’ve always seemed to connect to other virgos!  Oh, and check out the blog today-great description of some DVD workouts!

2.  Photography. 

I mentioned months ago that I really needed to work on my photography skills.  For my birthday, my sister gave me money for a beginner photography class and I have already signed up for one.  Now, I just need to learn as much as I can about my camera, which I currently know nothing about,  before the class.  I did a little research and I’m already overwhelmed.  The terminology is a foreign language.  I promised (with my fingers crossed behind my back) this would not result in me buying a really expensive camera….

3.  Pinterest. 


 OMG.   I love it.  Most of you are probably on Pinterest so I needn’t say more except- follow me!  If you aren’t on it….sign up NOW! 

4.  FALL!

I adore everything about fall (note the photos).  The cooler weather (which won’t hit here til mid October even November), the rich colors, changing trees (which I will have to head north to see), pumpkins, leaves, turkeys, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, fashion, boots (I cannot wait to be able to wear my brown boots again….ahhhh), bags, etc.  My aforementioned obsession (Pinterest) is only feeding my addiction by showing me glorious ideas for decorating, parties, and foods.  We were planning a football kickoff party, but I think I will be moving it to the first of October so I can go full fall for the decor! 

5.  San Diego. 

Since we are heading there this weekend, I’ve been researching all things San Diego.  Everyone from here loves San Diego.   I’m mostly excited to escape the 117 degrees  daytime temperatures (and 109 degree nighttime temps) and to see some water for a change.  Our hotel overlooks the bay, which will be so refreshing compared to the dry desert.  [Can you tell the summertime blues have kicked in?  It has been over 100 degrees since April….that’s 5 months people…FIVE MONTHS….]  Anyway, I’ve got lots of great activities and restaurants in the works for a nice mini-vacation.

6.  Carrera Marble. 


Who isn’t?  It is all the rage right now in kitchens and baths.  That gray and white milky swirl makes my heart go pitter patter.  I sure hope it stays in style for a while because I’m dying to have it in my next house paired with some white cabinets and some dark wood tones.  Check my Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean.

7.   iPad. 

 I guess I should throw this on the list too.  I am crazy about my iPad.  It is one of those things that leaves you wondering how you lived without this for so long and what your life was like without it.  I felt the same way when I finally made the jump from Blackberry to iPhone.   Thank you Steve Jobs. The biggest problem with it is getting my husband’s paws off of it!  He seems to be confused that he bought it for ME.  Just kidding of course….kind of.  Feel free to leave app suggestions if you know of any good ones for the iPad! 

8.   Wall Decor….or rather, our lack thereof. 

Inverness Circle

Amazing.  From my favorite designer and hometown superstar Mrs. Tobi Fairley.

We have a lot of big BLANK walls around our house.   And what IS hanging around, I hate.   Remedying this is next on my house to do list.  Right up there with finding/making curtains for a couple of rooms.


If you have not seen this movie, shame on you.  It is fantastic.  Seriously one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.  Despite being branded a “chick flick” by some (I’m assuming by people who a) saw the cast was almost all women and b) didn’t actually see the movie), my husband loved it.  I didn’t want it to end. For those that have seen it, say it with me now…. “I is kind, I is smart, I is important.”  I say this to myself every now.   I need to frame it for my office too. 

10.  Cornhole. 

Or baggo if you prefer.  We are getting our very own Redwolves cornhole set.  We should have it by next weekend and I cannot wait to see it.  It is such a fun game for parties or for anytime. 

So, now that I’ve spilled the beans….what are you obsessing over?

Happy Hump Day!


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