31 Aug

Hello Everyone!
Well, it happened. My 29th birthday came and went and left me wondering about and planning for my last year in my twenties. I had an amazing birthday, best one yet, spent with my favorite people (my husband, my sister, and my brother in-law. We had fabulous food, enjoyed an afternoon at the beach club, saw some dear friends, and spent some time with my adorable niece and nephew (they are actually my brother-in-laws niece and nephew, but I claim them as my own because they are so precious). I felt so blessed all weekend to have such wonderful people in my life. In case you are wondering, my husband gave me an iPad, which is the coolest thing ever. I just about died I was so excited and was hoarse all the next day from screaming! We are quickly becoming an iFamily with all the ipods, iphones, and now and ipad.

I thought 29 would be really scary and while I’m only a couple days in, I think I’m going to make it through unscathed as long as I can stay centered and focused. I think the most difficult aspect for me is figuring out how I ended up where am in life and deciding if I am on the path I want to be on. I want to be much more self-assured in my 30s- I want to know what I want, what I like, who I am, and what I stand for (you know, find my authentic self like Oprah told me to)! Isn’t that what the 30s are about? Or have we pushed that off to 40s now? So, I think this year will be the year of experience I haven’t experienced a lot in life and hopefully I can change that this year. I want to push myself to try new things and go new places. It is so easy to get stuck doing the comfortable, routine, and expected. S o many people get trapped there and stop truly living. I refuse to be one of those people (which reminds me of my grandparents, who haven’t ventured beyond a 60 mile radius in a good 25+ years).
I am starting off my “year of experiences” in the right direction by hitting the road to San Diego this weekend. We have never been and I cannot wait! Seaworld here I come! I’ve got lots of other things in mind to try this year so I’ll keep you posted as I check things off the list.
In other news, I’ve been putting together a list of vegan food blogs that appear to have some interesting info and yummy looking recipes (not to mention they were all nominated for best veg blogs of 2011). I haven’t tried any yet for lack of time, but I thought I would share my list since several of you have expressed interest in the Crazy Sexy Diet lifestyle. I hope to start trying some soon so I can share the good ones!!

Last but not least- a photo of my first homemade-grilled tofu! Delish!

Hope you are having a good week!


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