San Diego Bound

2 Sep

I come to you with a sad heart today.  There has been a tragedy in the Henkel family (my husband’s company).  One of Jason’s co-workers lost his 17 year old daughter in a horrible traffic accident in Northwest Arkansas yesterday.  We are heartbroken.   I cannot imagine the pain her parents are feeling.   Please keep the Symons family in your prayers. 

We are heading to San Diego in a few hours.  I’m very excited to see the city! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about San Diego!  I’m going to work on our itinerary from the car, thanks to my awesome iPad.  I’ve got a long list of things for us to do.  I doubt we get to everything, but hopefully we can hit the major things.  We are definitely going to Seaworld- it is a must.  I have a sinking suspicion that I may be disappointed, but it is just one of those things I’ve always wanted to do.  The zoo is on my maybe list.  I would love to go, but I don’t know if Jason can handle two animal-based outings or if my nerves can handle that much kid exposure.  So, we’ll see about the zoo.  I hope we get there before dark so we can see how beautiful it is there!  I’m taking 4 cameras (my “big” camera, my “little” camera, my iPhone (of course), and my flip video camera) so I should hopefully get some photos to post of our trip!

Hope you have a wonderful labor day weekend! 



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