San Diego Weekend Recap

7 Sep

My husband and I (and the girls) had such a wonderful weekend in San Diego. We didn’t get to do everything we had on the agenda, so we will be making another trip in the not too distant future. The highlights of the trip included a bike ride around beautiful Coronado island, walking around the downtown area and Gaslamp Quarter, Seaworld, and ocean kayaking in La Jolla. Sadly, most of the restaurants we chose were disappointing.

We got in to San Diego and checked in to the hotel by around 5:30 pm. We had a beautiful view of the bay and the marina. The first thing we did was take the girls for a walk along the bay. The girls really liked this hotel for some reason (maybe it was the giant dog bed they gave them) and were so good the whole time.

Our hotel

After our walk, we cleaned up and took the trolley (I don’t recommend this- it takes too long and is a bit sketchy) to Old Town. We went to the Old Town Mex Cafe (recommended by a friend) for some yummy mexican food. They had the best mariachi band I’ve ever heard. The atmosphere was so fun and the food was really good! Our best meal of the trip for sure.

Fresh tortillas made on the street!

Our hotel was basically at the entrance to Gaslamp Quarter, which is an urban area of restaurants, shops, and bars. We spent our first morning walking around the area looking for a place to pick up some breakfast (we didn’t want to waste time for a sitdown breakfast). Much to our dismay, we couldn’t find any local coffee shops or bakeries, so weak from hunger we settled on Starbucks. Of course, later we came upon a couple different local coffee shops. Drat. We walked from there down to the USS Midway Museum, which is an aircraft carrier turned museum. We opted not to go onboard due to time contraints, but we definitely want to go back and do the tour. Sorry- I can’t find my pics from this part!!

After our walk, we decided to head over to Coronado (a 5-10 minute drive from the hotel). We’ve both heard alot about Coronado since we moved to Scottsdale and let me tell you, this little island did not disappoint. It is a charming and quaint little island with beautiful views of downtown San Diego, the bay, and a gorgeous beach. We definitely want to return (soon) for a beach vacation at the Hotel del Coronado. We had a delicious lunch (best of the trip) at a local burger joint called Burger Lounge. I had a mini veggie burger and Jason had the regular burger. Although it is a cramped little space with lots of people, the food was so good it made up for the crowd. A friend at work recommended riding bikes around the island, so we did just that. We rented the bikes in town and headed out to tour the island. The neighborhoods remind you of Wisteria Lane (for you Desperate Housewives fans), except with smaller lots. Most every house has lush landscaping filled with flowers. It is the quintessential “perfect” family neighborhood. The weather was also perfection staying in the 80s during the day and the 60s at night. So perfect in fact, that we forgot to put on sunscreen and got a nicebright red souvenier around our neck to remind us of our lovely visit (aka sunburns). Needless to say, I spent a lot of time attempting to convince Jason that we should move there…or at least retire there. I’ll keep working on him….

Handsome hubby with his bike.

Me and my pumped up kicks

Part of the Hotel del Coronado

So many sailboats


Views of downtown

We were exhausted after all the walking and bike riding, so we headed back to the hotel to clean up for dinner. I had researched some places to go and saw that The Fish Market had good reviews. We didn’t get there until after 8 and still had to wait 45 minutes. The atmosphere was not good and the food was worse. Major disappointment.

The next morning was Seaworld! We got there right at 9 am for the parking opening (one thing my research was right about). It was great because there were no lines for parking or purchasing tickets. We bought the Quick Que pass for the shows so we had reserved seating without waiting 30 mins for a show to start. It was worth the money since we didn’t want to spend the entire day there. I highly recommend getting to the park first thing because it was basically empty and it was really nice to have some space. It filled up really quickly and by 10:30 was crazy crowded. We both loved the experience though. We got to pet dolphins, which was really cool and see all kinds of sea life. We loved the shows, and our favorite was the dolphin show (I cried…I was so amazed at their intelligence). We loved every exhibit and every creature we observed. The sea lions and walrus were definitely high up on the list. I never got to see the whales up close, which was disappointing. They were in shows everytime we walked by the underwater viewing tank. We were there for 5 hours before we finally called it quits due to exhaustion and hunger.

Funny sea lions

Me and my friend- I see now why my husband hates this shirt….

That’s my hand about to touch that dolphin


Beluga whale- beautiful and graceful

Emperor penguins! Strange animals.

From Seaworld, we drove north to Del Mar and took the scenic route back south. We stopped in at Torrey Pines golf course, which was neat to see. It sits right on the coast with excellent views of the Pacific. Then we headed to La Jolla beach area for kayaking. We grabbed a sandwich at the Cheese Shop next to where we were taking our kayak tour. Jason loved his sandwich and mine was OK. Parking in this area is horrible (consist with the other California beach towns I’ve visited). Quite frustrating. After lunch, we suited up in life jackets and helmets (in case we tumped and hit our head on the boat they said) and headed to the beach. There were lots of people kayaking. I’ve never seen so many actually. The waves were pretty big, so it was a little scary heading out, but we made it without tumping (not many others could say that)! We checked out the 7 caves and the La Jolla Cove. There is lots of sea life in the area because it is a preserve. A sea lion jumped up right in front of our kayak! It was super cool- especially since we had just been at Seaworld. Jason said it probably smelled its cousins on us. It was overcast and windy most of the time, which made it pretty chilly in our boat. Overall, we had a good experience, but would have liked to have seen more. Can’t find these photos either!

After Seaworld and kayaking, we headed back to the hotel to rest before dinner. Sadly, we rested so much that we didn’t want to go back out. We were exhausted from all the walking and rowing and sun. So, we ordered pizza and watched Big Brother and True Blood in the room. We had to head home on Monday, but we decided to have a real breakfast first so we went down to Seaport Village (5 mins from the hotel). It is a cute little village by the bay with a few restaurants and cheesy shops. We ate at the Edgewater Grill right on the water. The food was pretty good, but the view was excellent. It was a nice way to spend our last morning.

So, San Diego was awesome and we cannot wait to go back. There are so many things we still want to do (Zoo, Balboa Park, Gaslamp at night, Little Italy, shopping, beach time, etc). It was a perfect way to spend our long weekend and a much needed vacation.

I finally ordered some fabric for my office window treatments! It should be here this week and I am SO excited! I can’t wait to show you the fabric!


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