Hot House Fabric

8 Sep

The fabric is here and I love it! The colors are perfect. I may add a band of solid color fabric on the side edges to ground it more, BUT I may be too lazy to do that. :)

See! I told you making this curtain would be easy! All you need is blue painters tape and Ta Da! Some of the flowers look a little yellow in the photo, but they are more of a light green. This fabric would be gorgeous as full drapes don’t ya think? I could make some short drapes, I guess, instead of a roman shade. Hm. I wanted roman because the view out the window is a cedar block fence that I would like to hide- not attractive. Sounds like I’ve got some thinking to do!

I’ve been playing around with my camera a little for my upcoming photography class. So far all I have managed to do is make a lot of icons on my screen that I can’t get off. I found my manual this morning though, so that should prove helpful! While perusing blogs yesterday I found some great tips from other bloggers compiled at Serenity Now. She shares lots of other great advice as well. Maybe by sometime next year (or maybe next decade) I will be able to take a decent photo!

TGIThursday! And welcome back NFL season!

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