Bad News Bears- I got nothin.

14 Sep

I have absolutely nothing to write about today. 


Sooo, here are some really random thoughts of mine:

I did not get my self portrait photo, which is the first challenge of the 30 day photography challenge. Epic fail.  Taking a self portrait is hard because I don’t have a tripod or a remote sensor.   Maybe I should skip challange 1?  I have a vision of what I wanted the picture to be, I just don’t know how to do it.  Plus, it was inside, which I find to be quite tricky.  Maybe I will enlist the help of my husband tonight.  He can act as a tripod and push a button.


Don’t you wish those easy buttons actually worked? 

I’m happy it is Wednesday.  I’d be happier if it was Friday :) 


Guess what?  Yesterday I found out they are opening a Hobby Lobby 5 minutes away from my office.  I will now have a DIY mecca just minutes away for many lunchtime thrills- Joanns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, and Goodwill (a huge store opening soon) all in one shopping center!  Am I a lucky girl or what?! 

Hobby Lobby Logo 

I’m stalking Craigslist and other places that sell cameras looking for a good deal on a DSLR camera.  I played with a Canon at Target today and swooned over the blurry background I got just from a quick adjustment in the store.  I have birthday money I could use….#responibilityblows.


I’m already missing the long days of summer and not enjoying that it gets dark so early now.  I’m much less productive in the dark.

Violet On Sunshine Updated 1


I got the blue accent fabric for my office curtains today, so I guess I am out of excuses for starting on that project.  Maybe I’ll do some cutting tonight to prep for sewing.  That reminds me….I need to look at the tutorial I pinned a couple of days ago for roman shades.  Can’t wait to see the finished project.

I have been reading some new blogs lately.  You might wanna check them out because they are pretty great.

I have no idea what I’m going to cook for dinner.  Last night I literally threw together almost rotten vegetables and made another mexican casserole.  It was a bit on the dry side.  I think I’ll use the sweet potatoes I know are sitting in the bottom of the fridge to make some potato wedges, the brussel sprouts I bought last week for brussel sprouts with pine nuts, and some tofu for grilling.  Sounds appetizing right? Now I’m hugnry. It has been raining every afternoon when I get off work, so I haven’t made it to the grocery store.  People in Scottsdale melt in the rain (you may call it sprinkling, but its rain here).  They can’t drive in it either- I think it is because they are trying to figure out what it is.


 Two friends have mentioned Rick’s bakery to me this week (the most awesome bakery ever- located in Fayetteville, Arkansas).  Now all I can think of is wanting some of their delicious treats!! YUMMO!


Well, that’s all I got.  Hope you are having a good day.

Until we meet again.





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