Today’s the Day I Give In

23 Sep

I think today just may be the day.  The day I give in to my inner weakness.  The day I break down.  And BUY THAT CAMERA!  Jason’s on board.  I’ve got birthday money to spend that will cover most of it.  There is nothing standing in my way!  I mean, wouldn’t it be great to have a nice camera as we come into the holiday season.  And to take awesome photos at the World Series?  Wait what?! Did you say World Series?  That’s right Dad- I did.  Since our Diamondbacks are having such a fantastic season, we are hopeful that they will go ALL THE WAY.  So hopeful in fact, that we bought tickets to all the playoff games and the world series!  I’ve gotta have a good camera for that, right?!   We’ll see.  I tend to be very indecisive about big purchases.  That reminds me, did I ever tell you the story about Jason’s car?  I thought I was indecisive….well Jason is so indecisive that he made me buy his car after a solid month of spending our Saturdays at car dealerships in the 117 degree heat (he previously had a company car, so when we moved here he needed a new car).   So, armed with a budget and having a good idea of what he wanted, I went and bought him a black Hyundai Santa Fe.  I took it by his office to get his approval before purchasing it and he approved.  No sooner than I got the thing home did he start making fun of it because I bought him a Hyundai and I drive an Infiniti.  I’ve yet to hear the end of it.  Lesson learned- next time he is on his own.  I will say, it is a great car, was only a year old, had low mileage and is still under warranty (those were my requirements). 

Anyway, I’ve got a long list of things I want to do this weekend (you know, all those things I wanted to do last weekend that I never got around to, plus a few more).  

1.  Make my roman shade curtain. (Need to buy a couple more supplies – extension rod, hooks and rings).

2.  Decorate for fall. (Hang wreath, tablescape, mantle decor, put out cute pumpkins, etc.  Need to buy some candles for my mason jars)

3.  Repaint formal living room.  (Jason doesn’t know about this one yet.  We’ve never liked the color we put in that room.  It’s time for it to change.)

4.  Spend some time lounging by the pool.

5.  Eat at a fancy restaurant for Restaurant Week.

6.  Play with my camera. :)

7.  Work on my blog design.

8.  Catch a flick at the theater (either Moneyball, Drive or Warrior)

9.  Try some vegan baking (a new adventure)

10.  Manicure

Wow that’s alot.  That will definitely not all happen this weekend.  It is cooling off here at night, but it is still 107 degrees today.  The plants obviously think it is fall based on the blooms we are seeing, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it to me at 107.  It will be here soon though, very soon.  I can’t wait to be able to take the girls to the park again!

I’m linking up my Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes over at Serentiy Now today.  It is an awesome and informative blog.  She has been doing healthy family meals this week, so I thought my little post would fit right in!  Be sure and check out her blog!

Hope you guys have a FABULOUS weekend.  If you hear screams of joy later this afternoon, you’ll know I got my camera :)


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