Day 3 – Curb Appeal

3 Oct

Welcome to Day 3 of the 31 Days to Sell Your Home Series!  You can catch up on the entire series here.

 For the next two days we are going to discuss the all important first impression.  We are all guilty of analyzing people from the second we meet them.  We determine if we think they are attractive, if we like their personality, and if this is someone you want to get to know.  Although a first impressions isn’t always representative of the whole picture, many times it gives you good insight. 

Just as with people, Buyers size up houses based on their first glimpse.   From the moment they set eyes on a house, Buyers begin their assessment.  When Jason and I were on our seemingly endless house hunt, there were plenty of houses that we went to see, but never got out of the car because the oustide was so neglected.  That very first impression your house makes on a prospective Buyer can make or break a sale (and even if they decide to make an offer, it will probably be lower than it could have been)!

So go grab those flower print gardening gloves, hedge trimmers, fertilizer and a shovel!  Here are 5 key elements to great curb appeal: 

1.  Show off the house – Trim back overgrown bushes, hedges and trees.  Buyers want to be able to see your house.  A well-manicured yard tells Buyers that you love your house and take great care of the property. 

BAD:  Looks like a really cute red house back there, but who can tell?



GOOD: Very nice, manicured landscaping


2.  Exterior of House – If the exterior is either (a) a non-neutral color, (b) looking old and faded, or (c) stained and mildewed consider repainting or powerwashing.  A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color will quickly give your house new life!  Be careful to pick a good neutral color.  Some neutrals can lean towards pink, purple or blue, and the majority of Buyers aren’t looking for a pink house (unless you live in one of those adorable neighborhoods where houses are painted all the colors of the rainbow!).  Powerwashing your siding can make your house look brand new and is cost effective!

BAD: A power washing would do wonders for this house!


3.  Draw attention to the details – If the exterior of your house has details you want the Buyer to notice, such as shutters, dormers, columns, porch railing, bay window, etc., consider painting or staining in a coordinating neutral color so that the Buyer will be sure to notice!  If they already stand out, consider a fresh coat or paint or stain for an uplift!  If your shutters, fences, etc. are broken and in need of repair, consider making those repairs.

GOOD:  In this drawing, you can see the arches are accented with light colors, the shutters and iron fencing stand out in the dark contrasting color, and the bay window has an accent color as well. 



4.  Flowers – Color in your yard will catch a Buyer’s attention.  Add some extra bling and a punch of color to your exterior by planting some bright new flowers.  Supposedly yellow makes people want to buy buy buy (at least that’s what we were told). 

GOOD:  Those pops of yellow definitely grab your attention!


5.  Green Green Grass – If you have grass in your front yard, give it some extra fertilizer to get it looking thick and green (unless it is winter)!  Dead grass does not give Buyers a good impression.  It tells Buyers that the homeowner doesn’t take care of the yard or even that the grass is diseased and will have to be replaced yikes extra expense!). Don’t forget to keep it mowed and manicured for a lasting impression.

BAD:  This grass is full of dead spots and weeds.  Not a good sign for Buyers.


Tomorrow we are going to talk more about first impressions and focus in on the front porch/entry way!


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  1. Pam1947pam October 3, 2011 at 6:59 AM #

    Great example and really clear advice.

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