Day 6- An Introduction to “Purging”- Don’t Pack the Crap

6 Oct

Hello!  Welcome back to the series!  If you’d like to follow along with the whole series, go here to see each day!  To see more 31 Day Series, check out the Nester’s Blog!

Today I’m going to introduct the topic of purging!  Purging is a really important step in the selling preparations process.  Not only does it help you with your impending move, but it also help sell your house! 




You should be hearing the theme music from Jaws or Nightmare on Elm Street when you look at those photos because that is exactly what the Buyers are hearing when they see an overflowing house!!!  Been there, seen that, didn’t buy the house.

So, what do I mean by purging?  Well, I mean getting rid of all the extra stuff you don’t really need, but for some reason instead of throwing it out/donating/selling you just stuff it in a drawer or closet or….(insert your favorite stuffing place).  It’s the stuff you just don’t know what to do with, never use, don’t even like, and still can’t seem let go of.  I call this stuff junk or crap.

Trust me, you do not want to pack all that crap.  Even worse than packing it, will be the unpacking of it in your new digs.  Because guess what?  You aren’t going to know what to do with it there either!  You will have to find a new stuffing place.  You aren’t going to use it, look at it, want it, need it anymore in the new place than you did the old. All it will do is clutter up the new place and you will feel just as cramped in your new place as you did your old!  So, LET IT GO!  Trust me on this one.  There have been very few things that I’ve said my goodbyes to and later wished I hadn’t, yet I find that losing a few things in the process was worth it to get rid of all that junk!   Not to mention the mental wellness benefits of getting rid of all that stuff.  Living in a decluttered, organzied space is very freeing and brings mental clarity.  Whether your know it or not, all that stuff is weighing your mind down, not just your house.  Simply, what clutters the house, clutters the mind.

The buildup of all this stuff clutters your house, your cabinets, your closets, your drawers, and your garage.  Buyers do NOT want to see a house cram-packed with your junk.  Buyers want to see a neatly organized space appearing to have plenty of room for your junk, thus giving the impression that there will be ample room for their junk.   Even if your house is a little short on storage space, this problem can easily be masked by simply purging and then organizaing (which we will talk about after the purging topics).   Storage space is a huge ticket on a Buyer’s list, so this is definitely something worth your time and attention!!

Tomorrow I’ll talk about a logical way to attack the purging process and what to do with all that crap afterward!


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