Day 7- The Purging Process (Part I)

7 Oct

Wow!  I can’t believe the first week of the 31 Days to Sell Your Home is over!  If you’d like to follow along with the whole series, go here to see each day!  To see more 31 Day Series, check out the Nester’s Blog!

WARNING:  If you have an emotional attachment to your things (aka hoarder), this could be a difficult process.  If you are one of those people, boxes of tissue and support of loved ones may be necessary.

The Purging Process will be a lot of things.  It will be a boring, time consuming, difficult, and annoying, yet an exciting, freeing, enlightening, and heartwarming experience.  In other words, it will suck, but it will be SOOO worth it!  Not to mention, crucial to getting top dollar for that house (which, is the goal remember?!)!!!

There are different rules and questions in the Purging Process for various household items.  As such, I have created several processes in hope of covering the majority of your things.  Today I’m only going to tackle a few things.  We’ll tackle the rest tomorrow.  Let the purging games begin! 

GOAL:  Rid our house of unnecessary junk that we don’t use, need or want anymore to achieve a cluttered free lifestyle and impress the upon Buyers that there is ample storage space in the house.


Your Preferred Storage Container (plastic tubs, moving boxes, etc.)- Keep in mind that this stuff will need to be stored during the selling process.

Ginormous Trash Bags- They sell  industrial giant black trash bags on a roll for really cheap.  Get those.

Donation/Garage Sale Containers– This can be moving boxes, trash bags, etc. 

Marker and Labels– You will want to label the boxes you are storing with the room they came from (so when you unpack you know where it goes- super helpful tip from the moving company) and what is inside.  You should also label other boxes/bags that are either trash, donation or garage sale.  This will save you time when the stuff starts piling up!


Trash– Broken beyond repair, true junk, rubbish, papers with personal information, etc.

Donate– Will help others in need, will not sell in garage sale.

Garage Sale– Used items that are in decent condition.  Garage sales are a great way to get rid of your stuff and make some extra cash to help spruce up the old place or put into your new place!  You can donate anything that is left over from the sale.  Caveat: ONLY use this pile if you will actually do a garage sale prior to the selling process!  If not, everything is donated! 

BEDROOM CLOSETS (Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Belts, and Other Accessories):

Question 1:  Have you (your husband, your child, etc) worn this in the last 12 months? 

           Yes- Move on to Question 2.

           No- Put in the Trash or Donate/Garage Sell Bag.  The ONLY 3 exceptions is (1) if it is a REALLY nice piece (I’m talking was a really expensive purchase for you, is high quality, you still love it but it just isn’t in style anymore and you are hoping and praying that the style returns), (2) you temporarily live in a climate that is opposite of where you will soon be moving so you haven’t been able to wear that tank top or parka because it’s too hot/cold, or (3) you were pregnant during that season.  Only in these 3 circumstances should you keep it.  If you had no reason not to wear it this year and you didn’t, you don’t like it and it is highly doubtful you will ever wear it again. 

Question 2:  Does it still fit?

            Yes- Move on to Question 3.

             No.  Trash or donate/garage sell pile.  End of story, UNLESS you were pregnant during the last year and are still losing baby weight.  Otherwise, don’t hold on  to “skinny” pants.  There is no need to torture yourself on a daily basis looking at those things hanging in your closet.  When you do lose the weight, you are going to want new, stylish pants anyway.

Question 3.  Is it still in style/do you plan to wear it?

            Yes-  Move on to Question 4.

            No- Trash or donate it, unless it falls into the “really nice piece that is high quality and you still love” exception.

Question 4:  Do you plan to wear it in the next 2-3 months?

                              Yes- Keep in the closet.

                              No- Storage box.

KITCHEN (Gadgets and Doo-Dads):

Question 1:  Do you use this on a regular basis?

             Yes- Move on to Question 2.

             No-  Subquestion a- Does it still work and you have all the pieces? 

                                    Yes- Storage box. 

                                     No- Trash or Donate/Garage Sale

Question 2: Will you use it regularly during the next 2-3 months?

                           Yes- Move on to Question 3.

                           No- Storage box

Question 3:  Is this a large, bulky item?

                        Yes- Create a “Storage Box” that will be easily accessible.

                        No- Keep in the kitchen.


Question 1:  Has this been in the cabinet, untouched, for less than 12 months?

                   Yes- Move on to Question 2.

                     No- Subquestion- Is it expired?

                                Yes- Trash

                               No- Donate.

Question 2: Do you still eat/use this stuff? 

                      Yes- Move on to Question 3.

                       No- Donate.

Question 3:  Do you plan to use it in the next 2-3 months?

                       Yes- Go to Question 4.

                        No- Storage or donate.

Question 4:  Is this a large bulky item?

                       Yes- Storage box that is easily accessible (unless you only have a few large, bulky items that fit neatly in the pantry).

                        No- Keep in pantry.

Well that should keep you busy today!  We’ve still got to tackle offices, coat closets, toys, garages, and sentimental items.   I’ll also be posting some photos of my own purging process on Sunday.  We are purging for two reasons: (1) because we enjoy a clean, decluttered home and do this on a semi-regular basis and (2) there is a neighborhood wide garage sale next weekend!  Maybe I can make some extra cash to help pay for that camera I bought! :)


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