Day 8- The Purging Process (Part II)

8 Oct

Welcome to Day 8 of the 31 Days to Sell Your Home Series!  You can catch up on the entire series here.

Buyers will look in every nook and cranny of your house.  We did.  We looked in every closet, a few kitchen cabinets, garage cabinets, etc.   We looked because we wanted to  know what kind of shelves were built-in, how deep they were, etc.  We never looked in dressers of course since those didn’t come with the house!   That is why it is so important for all areas of your house to be de-cluttered and organized, but still livable.  Let’s continue where we left off yesterday.

CLEANING SUPPLIES:   How many bottles of cleaner do you really need?  I suggest first getting rid of all the cleaners you no longer use.  Then, cut it down to the minimum and put the rest in storage.  An all purpose cleaner for bathrooms and kitchens, dusting spray, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, stove top cleaner, and stainless steel cleaner should cover everything you will need to keep the house spic and span until it sells (oh and floor cleaner if you still use a real mop).  You will also need a vacuum and mop/swiffer/steam cleaner. 

COAT CLOSETS:  I’m not sure what you keep in your coat closet.  We don’t keep coats in ours at the moment.  It is full of random crap.   Cleaning supplies (vacuum, swiffer, steam cleaner), dog food, shopping bags, coolers, etc.  If we were putting our house up for sale, we would remove all of these items and put the hanging rod back up.  We would then hang a few coats, put our grocery bags in a basket on the shelf, and maybe put the vacuum back.  We definitely wouldn’t leave that disorganized, jumbled mess for the world to see. 

TOYS:  I don’t have any children, so my only experience with purging toys is cleaning out the dog toy basket.  However, if I had a kid with toys, this is what I would do. 

Question 1:  Do they still play with the toy?

              Yes:  Move on to Question 2.

              No:  Donate/Garage Sale box

Question 2:  Do they play with it frequently?

              Yes:  Move on the Question 3.

              No:  Storage box.

Question 3:  Is it large and bulky or does it have a ton of pieces?

               Yes:  Easily accessible storage box so you can get it out if they want to play with it.

               No:  Keep it in their room if it can be easily put away in the closet.

GARAGE:  I don’t know what all your keep in your garage or what storage solutions you have in your garage as it can vary drastically.  I recommend getting rid of things that you haven’t used in two years, things that you never unpacked in your current house, broken items, outdated items, etc.  If you can’t neatly put your stuff in the garage cabinets or your don’t have garage cabinets, then everything needs to be removed from the garage.  I would buy some garage storage solutions at Home Depot or Lowes (ie a rack to hang your yard tools, bike rack if you have bikes, etc.) so that you can organize the larger items.   Smaller items should go into storage boxes.   The goad is to keep the garage open and neat so the Buyer can see all the room they will have for their vehicles and other stuff.


Step 1:  Empty the desk completely. 

Step 2:  Go through all the contents.  Shred/trash papers that you don’t need to keep.  Organize the papers you do need to keep.  Throw away the old pens that don’t work anymore (I always have lots of these for some reason), excessive paper clips and rubber bands, etc.  If you keep your craft supplies in the office, this is a good time to organize that stuff as well. 

Step 3:  Neatly put the things you need to keep back in the desk. 

SENTIMENTAL ITEMS:  This is a tough and touchy subject.  It is hard for everyone to let things go that have sentimental value.  Try to remember, the memories are within you, not the items. 

Cards/Kids Artwork/Paper Items:  One idea is to either scan or take photos of these types of items.  You can then make a neat photo book online (Walmart, Shutterfly, Costco, etc.) of all your kids artwork, birthday cards, all your wedding cards, kids poems, etc.  This eliminates the clutter and storage issues, plus makes it easily to look back at all those fun things.  You can still keep a couple of really special items. 

 Trinkets and other items:  If this is something you keep out in your home regularly, you can keep.  If it is stored in a box and you never use it or even think about it, you should donate or sell it.  What is the point of keeping boxes of stuff you never use, look at, think about, etc?  If you can’t get rid of all of it, at least cut back to just a couple of really special pieces.  If it is something you really think you will regret throwing away, then keep it.

Tomorrow I will be back with examples of purging around my own house!  Hope you are having a great weekend!


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