Day 12- So Fresh and So Clean Clean

12 Oct

Sorry for the late post- real life keeps getting in the way.  Don’t ya hate when that happens?

Anyway, the next part of the series is going to talk about cleaning.  Riveting right? 

Well, why cleaning may not be sexiest topic on earth, it is pretty darn important to selling your house.  You know that term “don’t air you dirty laundry”?  Well that isn’t just meant figuratively!  Gross.  I can’t count how many dirty, smelly houses we’ve looked at.  It is an automatic major turn-off.  Let’s start with the smelly part.

 One of the last things Buyers want is to move into a smelly house.  Depending on the smell, it could signal other problems to the Buyer (like sewer problems, backed up disposal, water leaks, etc.).   So, even if you don’t think your house stinks, I recommend taking some deodorizing precautions. 

One idea is to ask an unbiased and honest friend to come to your house and tell you how it smells.   That will help give you an idea of how bad the problem is!  Here are some tips for deodorizing your digs.

1.  Air it Out– If the weather is nice (and maybe even if it isn’t depending on how strong the smell is), open up the windows and get some fresh air circulating.  This is a quick way to freshen up the air.

2.  Candles– Light up some candles.  I recommend using a fresh scent, nothing too floral or sweet, something like fresh laundry.  I also recommend using the same scent throughout the house so that it is a uniform good smell.

3.  Renuzit Adjustables– Yes my husband’s company makes these, but they are great for smaller spaces like closets.  They are also easy to hide so no one has to know your secrets.

4.  Shampoo the Carpets– Some smells (smokers, pets, etc.) will soak into the carpets and are next to impossible to get rid of without a good shampooing.  You can do this yourself by renting the Rug Doctor (or similar device) from the grocery store.  You can also hire a professional to clean your carpets.  Even if your house isn’t smelly, cleaning your carpets is a good way to make your carpets look like new!  You can try applying baking soda, letting it sit, then vacuuming, but I think the shampooing is the way to go and is pretty inexpensive if you DIY.

5.  Clean the Drapes and other big fabric items– same reasoning as the carpet.   You can take drapes to the cleaners.  If your upholstered furniture has removable covers, you can get them cleaned as well.

6.  Coffee in the Refrigerator– Coffee beans and baking soda will absorb the stench.

7.  Dryer Sheets in the Trash– Put dryer sheets under the trash bag to help the trash can stay fresh.

8.  Lemons in the Drain-  Put lemons down the garbage disposal to remove odors.  Plinks (sold at Bed Bath and Beyond) are also great for the disposal.

9.  Groom the Dog–  If you have dogs, they can be a big source of odors.  While your house is on the market, you need to bathe them or take them to the groomer frequently (ie weekly or more often depending on how stinky your love muffin is).  In between baths, use some baby powder or get the freshen up wipes for dogs. 

10.  Change the Air Filters– You should be doing this every 1-3 months anyway, but the stench is probably trapped in those filters, so you should change those out to avoid defeating all the other hard work!

There are other more serious steps you can take for serious odors, but for average house smells, these should do the trick!


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