Day 13- Rub a dub dub

13 Oct

Welcome back to the 31 Days to Sell Your Home series!  If you are just joining, you can go here to see the whole series.

I cannot stress enough how much faster your house will sell if it sparkles and shines.  The buyer of our home told us one of the reasons she loved it was because it was immaculately clean.  Ah, a proud moment for us. 

When I say “clean” I don’t mean vacuum and dust.  I mean CLEAN that house.  You know, the kind of cleaning that makes you tired and sore from scrubbing?  That kind of cleaning.  Leave no corner, nook or cranny untouched.  This will also help with any lingering odors.

Here is a long list of things to put on the scrubbing list for your living rooms and bedrooms.  I’ll discuss kitchens and bathrooms tomorrow.

1.  FLOORS– Floors make up a huge portion of your house and are a major focal point of Buyers.  The newer and cleaner, the better!   Start with thoroughly vacuuming the floor (wood, tile or carpet).  You know what I mean by thorough.  Move all the furniture (to another room if you can) so that you can get all the dust bunnies.

Carpets – I highly recommend either renting a steamer or hiring someone to clean your carpets.  It is amazing what a little carpet cleaning will do. 

Wood– use the polish that is safe on your floors and rub those things a shine (we will talk about how to keep them that way when we talk about showing the house). 

 Tile:  Mop til those tiles glow.  Not a swiffer mop – a real mop with a bucket of water and a nice smelling cleaner (or vinegar, but that doesn’t smell very good).  If your grout is stained, get out the toothbrush, comet (or other bleach cleaner), and knee pads and start to scrubbing (or you can have the floor cleaning company do it).  Clean grout will revive your sad looking tiles.  Be sure to get in the corners really good and behind doors!

2.  BASEBOARDS – You know those boards the go around the whole house between the floor and the wall?  Yeah those things that probably have never seen a dust cloth.  Clean baseboards is one of the very first things I notice about a house.  Again, get out your knee pads and start scrubbing.  If you have white baseboards, use a magic eraser to get off any scuffs/dirt marks.  We will talk about giving your baseboards new life in the next segment on updating.

3.  WALLS–  Wipe all the walls down with a wet cloth to get off any gunk and funk that may have ended up on your walls. 

4.  DOORS AND DOOR KNOBS – Wipe down all doors with a wet cloth to remove any dirt and grime.  If you have any scuffs on your white doors, use a magic eraser to remove the scuffs.  (This is another thing I always pay attention to).  Buyers do not want to be opening doors and get your kids sticky playdough leftovers on their hands.

5.  LIGHT SWITCHES – Wipe these down with a wet rag to remove any built up dirt.  Same as with the door knobs.

6.  WINDOWS – Buyers want to be able to clearly see through your windows to the lovely backyard/front yard.  Clean all of your windows inside and outside so they are sparkly and clear.  Vacuum and dust the window casings and trim.  No cobwebs!

7.  DRAPES & BLINDS – Take down all your curtains and at least shake them outside to remove the dust.  You might spray them with a little Renuzit spray to freshen them up.  If you are feeling like going the extra mile- have them cleaned.  If you have blinds, wipe down each and every blind to remove all the dust.  Buyers will be looking out your windows through the blinds and you don’t want them inhaling your decade of dust from the blinds (I exaggerate obviously). 

8.  FURNITURE – Vacuum the upholstered pieces.  Dust the wood pieces with good dusting spray to give it a nice shine.

9.  LIGHT FIXTURES – Wipe these down with a cloth.  Remove all dusts and cobwebs.  Wipe off the light bulbs (especially if you are a smoker as this can hold smells) and replace any burned out bulbs.  (Lights that do not work send negative signals to Buyers, such as that there is a wiring problem or they are trying to hide the dirt).

10.  CEILING FANS – By all means, get the ladder or stool out and wipe down the fans.  I hate dirty fans (although I’m certain our fans are covered with dust so don’t judge me….I’m not the one selling!).  Don’t just use your long duster, actually wipe them down so the job is done well and you won’t need to do it again right away.

Who’s excited about cleaning the kitchen and bathroom?!?!  Woo hoo!  See you tomorrow!


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  1. Pam Freeman Ivr Pin 99256 October 13, 2011 at 5:40 PM #

    Can’t wait to get started. Woo Hoo. How many viewers have you had

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