Day 14 – Lean, Mean Cleaning Machine

14 Oct

Is your house lean (from the purging) and clean (from the scrubbing) yet?  I hope so!  Today I’m going to share some kitchen and bath cleaning tips to be sure you are cleaning these all too important areas to the Buyers’ satisfaction.

KITCHEN:  The kitchen is the heart of the home and is often the make or break for a home sale.

1.  Countertops– Scrub the countertops to a shine.  Do your best to get out any stains if you have laminate counters (here is a good tutorial) and definitely get up crusty, dried food. 

2.  Cabinets– Wipe down all your cabinets to get off and grime and food splashes.  Clean any pulls/handles/knobs to a shine.

3.  Oven – Get some stove top cleaner and go to work.  If you have drip pans, soak and clean these or replace them (they are inexpensive).  Clean the inside of your oven too.  You can use the Clean setting on your oven if you have one. 

4.  refrigerator– Take everything out and clean all the shelves and drawers (freezer too).  Refrigerators are often conveyed with house, so Buyers will look inside.   Wipe down the outside and clean the pulls (a common place for grime).  Also clean the ice/water dispenser area.

5.  Microwave– Same thing- wipe down the outside and clean the inside to remove all food crumbs.  A trick to make this easier is to put a bowl of water in the microwave and heat it for about 1 minute.  This will loosen all the crusted crumbs for easy removal.

6.  Sink– If you have a stainless steel sink, use Barkeepers Secret to get out the scratches and rust (this may require elbow grease).  It will leave your sink with a lovely shine.   For other sinks, use cleaners to get out scratches and stains (google what is appropriate for your sink material).  Don’t forget to clean the fixtures too.

7.  Backsplash– Wipe down the baskplash to remove any food splashes and stains.

8. “Under the Sink” Cabinet–  This is a common place for Buyers to look since it is a heavily used storage area.  Clean up any spills or leaks that may have occurred. 

If you can think of anything else to clean, clean it!  Be sure all the lightbulbs are working in the kitchen and undercounter lights too (if you have them).  Buyers love bright, clean kitchens!  Tomorrow I’ll cover bathrooms.  All this talk of cleaning has worn me out!


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  1. Pam Freeman Ivr Pin 99256 October 14, 2011 at 3:35 PM #

    I am dead tired from just thinking about cleaning

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