Day 18: Neutral paint

18 Oct

One of the cheapest, quickest, and easiest ways to update your space is with paint. This is definitely a task you can DIY to save on costs too.

Light, neutral colors are best for selling your house. Light colors make the space appear bigger and brighter. Neutral is necessary so as not to distract buyers with colors they may really dislike. Very bold, bright or unique colors are especially distracting to buyers. You don’t want buyers referring to your house as “the one with the pepto pink bathroom.” Trust me, not good. Even though it’s easy to change paint colors, the more buyers expect to have to change when they move in, the lower the offer goes!

If you have really nice trim and moldings in your house, consider painting these an even lighter color so that they stand out against your light neutral or go a shade darker on the light neutral. The contrast will draw buyers’ attention to these gorgeous details.

Another thing to consider painting are the baseboards. Baseboards can really take a beating and collect dirt and grime. To me, baseboards really show the wear and tear of the house. Brushing on a fresh coat of trim paint will really freshen up the look of the house and make it look brand new.

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