Day 19: Bye Bye Brass

19 Oct

Day 19! WOO!

Who doesn’t love that shiny, bling bling gold brass hardware in homes?!  Well, basically everyone hates it.  Nothing dates a home faster than brass.  Sure it was popular in the 80s and 90s, but those days are long gone.  While it can easily be changed out, it is just another thing for Buyers to add to their “to do” list on the ol’ pros and cons analysis of your house, which of course will lead to what class?  LOWER OFFERS! Yay- you got it!

Brass abounds in homes anywhere from 10-20 years old.  Brass door knobs and hardware, brass faucets, brass light fixtures, brass fireplaces, etc.  The good news is it can be fixed!  The other good part is its pretty cheap to fix! 

Light fixtures is probably the easiest to fix.  Krylon now makes some awesome oil rubbed bronze spray paint or stainless steel spray paint.  I haven’t used it, but have seen lots of bloggers using it and it looks fabulous.  All you have to do is take down your fixtures, use painters tape to cover any glass or crystal parts, and spray away.  It will transform your dated fixtures in minutes!  Total cost for this project is under $5!

You can also use paint on brass fireplace surrounds.  In fact, in our current home, the flippers we bought from did that very trick.  You just have to buy paint made for high heat areas (ask your local paint store).   For our house, they used a matte black paint.  It looks great, so great that we didn’t even realize it had been painted until we had lived here about 6 months! 

For door hardware, you can use the oil rubbed bronze or stainless steel spray paint.  The downfall is the durability of the spray paint on areas that will get lots of friction (swinging doors and turning handles).   I saw a blogger paint hers with the oil rubbed bronze and she was really happy with how it turned out.  You could also spend a little more money and buy new hardware, however, depending on how many doors you have, this could be expensive.

The most difficult and expensive thing  to change out is the faucets.  Overstock has lots of faucets, with bathroom faucets running as low as $50 and kitchen faucets under $100.  For a minimal investment, updating these fixtures can have a really big impact.

Using these ideas to say bye bye to your brass will give you a quickly bring your house into the 21st century.  Buyers will love the more modern look of stainless or oil rubbed bronze (or even chrome).  This will be a few less things on their to do list and that will equal a bigger pay day for you!  Yahoo!


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