Day 20: Wood Paneling

20 Oct

Day 20- it just cannot be October 20 already?! 

Another home feature that really dates your house is wood paneling.  While some wood paneling has come back in style, for the most part, the old 1970s wood paneling is definitely not desirable by the majority of buyers. 

The easiest way to deal with paneling is to paint right over it.  Painting paneling will immediately brighten the space and give it a whole new, more modern look.  If you want to go a step further, you can fill in the cracks and seams for a flat wall feature (this is a lot more work).  And of course the last step is to install drywall, but this is definitely costly.  I actually like the look of painted paneling- the texture and subtle graphic lines add more interest to the walls!

Since the paneling is usually a little slick and really absorbs paint (I learned this from experience), using a primer is highly recommended!  It may still take a few coats to fully cover up the paneling, but the extra work will be worth it when you get that big fat offer!


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