Day 21: Staging Introduction

23 Oct

Sorry sorry for my absence.  I’m obviously a few days behind now.  Please excuse my tardiness with the posts, we have a lot going on at the moment and unfortunately, blogging is one of the lower priority items.

So, now that you’ve enhanced your curb appeal, decluttered the closets and cabinets, scrubbed the place to a shine, and updated the old elements of your home, its time for the fun part- staging!

Staging is setting up your home for optimal showing.  You can use what you already have, usually minus a few pieces, to set up your home to show its best assets. 

When we talked about decluttering earlier in the series, we talked about storage areas.  Another area of your home to declutter are the shelves, walls, and furniture tops.  I recommend removing every picture, nick nack and book.  All of your personal photos need to go in storage- you don’t want the Buyers focusing on looking at your family photos instead of imagining themselves in the space.  Keep the rest of the items minimal.  Think about having to dust all that stuff before every showing and that will help you keep it minimal!

This is a great example of the minimal looking I’m talking about:



Just a few accessories is all you need to accentuate the home, but not overpower.  Buyers aren’t there to look at your amazing decorating talents, they are there to look at the bones of your home. 



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