Day 22: Furniture Staging

24 Oct

One really important part of staging is the furniture, specifically the scale and amount of furniture.   Furniture that is appropriate for a space can make a small space look bigger and a large space look manageable (as opposed to overwhelming).

You should have furniture that is appropriately scaled for the space.  If the furniture is too large, it is hiding the valuable space in your home.  Buyers will not appreciate how large a room is because your gigantor sofa is taking up all the space. 

You should also only have a few key pieces of furniture- that will vary by the size of the room of course.  For example, in an average size family room, a sofa, chair, coffee table and an end table will suffice.  It is enough to “set the scene” of the room, clearly showing the Buyer that this space is a family room, while leaving the room open enough for Buyers to appreciate the space and imagine their own things in fitting in the space.  For a spare bedroom, all you really need is a bed and an end table.  If it is a larger room and a dresser doesn’t make the room feel crowded, then a dresser is OK as well.   If you have lots of spare furniture that isn’t necessary in the room, find another place in the house it can be appropriately used or store it.

If your furniture is oversized and distracting from the space, store it and rent some appropriately sized furniture.  You can rent furniture on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

While you don’t need brand new furniture in your house, newer more modern furniture is more appealing to Buyers.  If you have very dated or soiled upholstery pieces, consider getting a fresh, neutral slipcover to modernize the room. 

I also came across this HGTV post on home staging that has some great tips on updating outdated areas of your home.   Check it out for some great ideas!



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