Day 23: Closet Staging

26 Oct

Closets are major selling features.  If it the space is too small, it can really hurt the sale. 

Here are some tips for closet staging:

1. Remove any extra clothes that you can.  The fewer clothes that are hanging, the more Buyers can really see the space.

2.  Organize your hanging clothes by color.  This is more appealing to the eye.

3.  Organize your shoes so that they are all facing the same direction.

4.  Organize your shoes by heel height.  Put all the flip flops together, the flats together, the heels together, etc. if possible.

5.  If you have storage above the hanging, it should be neatly organized into boxes.   If you can use matching storage containers, that is even better.

6.  If you have drawers in the closet, make sure they are easy to open and close and not crammed with clothes.  No clothes hanging out either.

7.  Use matching hangers throughout.  It doesn’t matter if they are the cheapo white plastic ones (which is what we use) or the fancy wooden hangers.  If the all match, it is more appealing.

8.  Make sure all lightbulbs in the closet are working.  If your closet is dim, switch your lights to a higher voltage (if possible).  Since most closets do not have windows, lots of artificial light is needed to make the space look large and inviting.

If you need help, check out Honey We’re Home’s Closet.



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