Grasscloth Dining Room Design

23 Jan

Hope you had a great weekend!  We celebrated Jason’s birthday Friday and Saturday night. I can’t believe my husband is 29 years old! I’m so proud of him and all that he has accomplished!  On Friday night the two of us went to Mastros for dinner.  It was incredible.  This was our 3rd time to go to a Mastros restaurant since moving here and let me tell you, it does not disappoint.  Yes, it is expensive, BUT, I enjoyed every single bite.  We oohed, mmmmed and aaaahed the entire time!  On Saturday we went to Ikea to pick up some stuff before the move.  We got the artwork and frames we were needing and the shelf for the bonus room.  We spent way more time there than we intended, but I guess that is just what happens there!  That night we went out to dinner with our friends from Jason’s work.  It was such a fun night!   Today (Sunday) I woke up sick (I felt it coming all day yesterday, but refused to let it get me down) and have moped around all day watching football.  We are also agonizing over paint colors right now (we have concepts, but not actual colors).  I wish there weren’t so many options- it would be much easier that way.

As for the dining room design, I found an inspiration photo on Houzz for the dining room that we both fell in love with.  The table and chairs looks similar to our current dining set which is the icing on the cake!  Here is what the dining room looks like currently (sorry for the dark iphone pics):

Don’t ya just love that salmon paint?! It is even pinker in person.  Blegh.  Obviously that will be changing ASAP.  I love the wainscoting another thing we have always wanted!  We do want to remove the columns.  I am sure some people are shocked by that decision, but they really are not our style, they are oddly placed in the opening to the room, and I feel like they date the house (even though it was built in 2005).  We want to straighten out the arch and frame out the entry with trim work.  I think it will be a major transformation that will help the flow of the house.

So, here is the layout for the room:

The layout is a traditional dining room layout.  There is an entry to the kitchen from the dining room (which will be great for dinner parties). 

And, here is the design:

The inspiration room is overflowing with sophistication I dream of having those coffered ceilings some day.  To complete the design, all we need is a light fixture (I have had no luck finding something similar to the inspiration room so far), rug (the one pictured is West Elm) and the artwork (the frames pictured are from Ikea)!  We are still using the buffet and chairs we won in a charity auction in Arkansas three years ago.  They are from Walmart (believe it or not) and have really served us well, especially considering what we paid from them ($500 for the 5 chairs, buffet, 8×10 rug, artwork, plates, chargers, table runner, etc.).  I’m head over heels for that sleek grasscloth in the inspiration room.  I’ve looked it up and it is sold in the UK.  Bummer.  Hopefully I can find something similar with that same look.  I expect it will be a bit of a splurge, but totally worth it (I hope!).  

So what do you think of the dining room? Any ideas on the light fixture (reasonably priced ideas, that is)??


2 Responses to “Grasscloth Dining Room Design”

  1. Jessica January 23, 2012 at 7:45 AM #

    Love the inspiration room! Check out Shades of They have tons of contemporary chandeliers and rugs!

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