Under the Weather and Over the Clouds

24 Jan

Well I’m still sick.  I’ve gotten progressively worse.  I am trying to push through it since we have so much going on right now, but the illness is winning the battle.  I am headed to Nashville this week to close on the house there so I’ve got to get better ASAP.  Hope this blue gatorade Jason brought me helps!

We scheduled our move out from our Scottsdale house.  Our last day in the house is February 7th.  It has really started to hit me that we only have a couple more weeks here and I’m very sad about it.  The weather isn’t helping either with the consistent mid-70s temperatures!  Now I see why everyone loves winter here.  It was not this warm last winter, so I had begun to wonder why people thought winters here were so fantastic.

Today I’m going to share our plans for the kitchen. 

Here is what the kitchen looks like today:



It is a nice kitchen with kitchen aid appliances.  We will obviously be adding a fridge.  We are also painting the cabinets white and changing out the backsplash (the tones of the current backsplash really don’t go with the countertops).  We also need a light fixture for the kitchen and breakfast nook.

Hopefully it will look like my inspiration kitchen from Isabella and Max Rooms (countertops are the same color) here.




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