Whew! Guest Bedroom Design

30 Jan

What a week!  Last week was a crazy whirlwind.  Monday and Tuesday was spent wrapping up all the last minute items to get ready to close on the house (setting up utilities, reviewing closing docs, getting forms, notarized, etc.), all the while coming down with what I’m pretty sure was a semi-light case of the flu.  I flew to Nashville Tuesday night, sick as a dog.  That flight is SO long.  I love direct flights and it definitely cuts down on the travel time, but 4 hours on a plane is a lot!  Thankfully I had two movies to watch on my ipad.  I got in at 10 pm, got my rental, headed to my hotel and crashed.  Wednesday morning I met my realtor at the new house for a final walk thru (everything was exactly the same as it was just a week and a half before when we were there for inspection) and then we headed to closing.  Jason was not able to travel with me, so I had to sign for both of us as his power of attorney.  Closing is always a little stressful just making sure that you’ve covered everything and agree with all the final numbers.  By noon, the house was officially ours!! 

Then came the onslaught of painters, hardwood floor refinishers, tilers, etc to give me  quotes to get some work done.  I spent most of 3 days getting quotes!  Let me tell you, painting is crazy EXPENSIVE.  People always say “paint is not big deal,” however, while it may be easy to change, it is very costly.  We wanted to have the whole house painted to give it a fresh and new feeling, but it looks like I’m going to be doing some of the upstairs painting myself to save some money because it is just ridiculous what it costs (lets just say it cost about double what it is costing me to add hardwood floors to the master bedroom and bonus room AND refinishing all of the hardwoods in the house (which is the entire 1st floor, the steps, and the hallways upstairs).  Ugh a lug.  Luckily I have plenty of time  to do the painting upstairs since I haven’t found a job yet.

I started feeling better on Friday so I ventured out to a local lighting store and worked with someone on picking out lights.  It went really well and I think I picked out some great pieces that will really add to the house!  When we get there next week, I’m going to show Jason and see what he thinks before I pull the trigger! 

After being back in the house, I am having to re-do the bonus room plans a little by adjusting the artwork.  I didn’t realize that both sides of the ceiling are slanted, so I lost wall space for the large Ikea London bus photo.  Major bummer (especially since I already bought the painting- this means another trip to Ikea)!. 

Now that we have our new house in Nashville, its time to shift our thoughts to moving out of our Scottsdale house :(.  We are REALLY going to miss this house and this city.   We are so thankful that Jason’s company sends someone to pack for us, so we don’t have to worry about that (I just have to watch them pack)!  Despite that, I want to go through all our junk/catch all drawers and clean them out pre-packing, otherwise we will be unpacking trash (which we did last time).  There are also lots of loose ends to tie up, like canceling all our services, to take care of this week.

Now that I’ve shared all the boring, catchup stuff, let’s talk about some design!  We have 3 spare bedrooms in the new house, which is giving us a lot to play with for design!  One of the rooms is quite large (12×22), so there is a lot of space to work with in that room.  Here is the layout we came up with:

We are planning to put a full or queen size bed in this room, a desk, and a sitting area.   We have a dark brown long dresser for this room that may get some kind of paint treatment. 

Here are my design inspirations:

I haven’t started a design board yet with actual things to go in the room.  I really want to find a wallpaper with a gold and white pattern or paint a design on the wall.  We are going to make a tufted headboard (or buy an inexpensive one).  I’m planning to use some of our current bedding and adding some pops of the dark teal with accessories and pillows.  I love the touches of black in the bottom photo but I’m obsessed with that gold trellis wallpaper in the top photo!  We will be putting a white desk and teal chair from our current office in this room.  The chair is a little lighter teal than these photos, but it will work.  Maybe I can find a small black chandelier too!


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