Master Bedroom Design

31 Jan

I’m really struggling on what to do for the master bedroom.  We are planning to upgrade to a king-size bed since our two little girls seem to be taking up more and more space every night!  So that means a fresh start on the bed and bedding.  We are planning to still use the nightstands, dresser and armoires that we are currently using (these are all dark brown wood).  I have found lots of inspiration photos that I really love, but haven’t found anything that Jason has really liked. 

Here is the layout planned for the master bedroom:

Having four windows in the bedroom is great for natural light, but awful for furniture layout.  The bed is really supposed to go between the other two windows where the dresser is, but I think the space is more useable if you place the bed this way (it gives room for a seating area).  It also allows the bed to face the armoires where the TV is (I know some people don’t have a tv in the bedroom, but we love it).  Otherwise, the bed is looking into the bathroom which  I don’t care for at all.  I’m thinking I can use drapes to disguise how the bed overlaps the windows since it will be slightly wider than the space between the windows.  Of course, that may change when I actually get the furniture in the room, but I really hope it will work out as we drew up (it is drawn to scale).

Here are some of my inspiration photos (all from Houzz and Pinterest):

I am clearly drawn to the whites and neutrals!  Any ideas on a bed or bedding?!? HELP!


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