Master Bedroom Bed

2 Feb

I think I’ve decided what I want to do for our bed!!  You see this bed?

I’m in love with the white and wood mixed together.  I haven’t found any online that I like.  Fortunately, Jenny from Little Green Notebook posted this excellent tutorial for a tufted headboard today.  This tutorial involved “real” tufting versus what I did on my gray headboard, but she uses peg board as the backer so that you don’t have to drill holes in the board for the tufts. Brilliant I tell you!!  Her tutorial has inspired me to attempt to make my dream headboard!  I will have to come up with some ideas to incorporate the stained trim around the tufts (Ahem Jason…I need your engineering brain please), but I think we can do it!  UPDATE- I showed Jason and he is doubtful about our ability to tackle this process and have it look nice enough for the master bedroom.   SO, I emailed the designer of the bed to see if they are available for purchase.  I’m sure they are out of our price range, but you never know if you don’t ask. 

If it looks good, I would love the have a matching foot board like this bed (except with tufts):

OR maybe I will attempt to do a wing back headboard like so:

ARGH!  Decisions decisions.  I’m so bad at them, especially within a time frame (not as slow as my sister however….sorry Stacy…haha).  Help!  Which one do you like best?! 

Note: all photos are from Houzz.  If you haven’t perused the photos on you are missing out on some serious eye candy!


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