Stay at Home Wife

3 Feb

Happy Friday!!!  Its’ our last Friday in Scottsdale and I’m devastated!  We are going to the Phoenix Open (PGA golf tourny) that is practically in our backyard today and tomorrow.  We are also going to a happy hour tonight with our friends as a last hoorah.  I’m also picking up the new desk for the office today!  YAY!  Too bad we won’t get to put it together til we get to Nashville (it will be easier to move in the boxes). 

For the last two months I’ve been a stay at home wife.  While in theory that sounded like an awesome break from working, in reality, I realize was only home a couple of those weeks due to house hunting, holidays, and vacations.  I was so busy getting everything together for the relocation that I barely took a breath. 

This week has been a different story.  I have just about everything wrapped up so my daily to do list has been quite short.  I love being home with my girls and it has been so nice to have the time to clean the house, buy groceries, wash clothes, etc.  I think Jason is really getting used to this too because he is really slacking off in helping with the house (isn’t funny how fast they get used to not having to do anything).   I’m trying to enjoy this week of calm before the storm because come Monday, the craziness will hit again and it won’t slow down until we are unpacked and settled in Nashville. 

Despite all that, I am starting to get a little nervous about what I’m going to do in Nashville.  Laundry and washing dishes isn’t really that fulfilling day in and day out.  I don’t really have any leads on a job, so it could be a while before I find something.  We will be able to make ends meet, but we will definitely have a lifestyle adjustment.  I’m not looking forward to that part at.all.  I’ve considered just getting a temporary job at Nordstroms or something, but the thought of being a 30 year old lawyer working at the mall is quite depressing.  Is that what I’ve worked so hard for over the last 25 years of my life….to work retail??  Definitely not.  It really sucks that for Jason to be successful in his career, I have to sacrifice mine or for me to be successful he has to sacrifice his.  It’s not fair to either of us.  Anywhoo, Choose Joy right?  So I’ll thoroughly enjoy this break and the fact that not having to start a new job in the midst of this move is a major stress reliever!  Hopefully an amazing opportunity will turn up.  If you know of anything…let me know! :)

And what is the best way to enjoy my break?  Retail therapy!  I spent a few hours just walking around the mall.  I made a few purchases with my Christmas gift cards (and maybe a few with no gift cards…), but it was nice to be at the mall with no crowds.  I could just look until my heart was content.  All the spring clothes are out.  Bright colors are everywhere and they are so fun!  I tried on some green jeans, yes you heard that right…green jeans. 

They were pretty cute, but I couldn’t get over thinking I looked like an elf or a jolly green giant.  I went with black instead….right in my comfort zone. 

I found some pretty bedding on sale at Macy’s that I want Jason to go look at with me.  They also had a really cool shower curtain.  I’m not really sure what the rules are on shower curtains.  I don’t love them, but I gotta have them for the upstairs baths.  Is it better to go plain or is this a place to add something fun?  What do you do for your shower curtain? 

I had a brilliant idea today for our family room, inspired by my outfit actually.  The  black and white stripes paired with my tan boots.  The boots are a very similar color to our sofas. 

 There is a black and white stripe rug at Crate and Barrel that I’ve been contemplating.  I think the modern rug mixed with our traditional sofas would be fabulous. 

The rug is very reasonably priced too! 

The only problem is, we already have a rug for the family room. 

I don’t know how much I’m going to like our current rug on our dark wood floors since it is dark.  It worked great here because we had light tile floors.  So, I guess I’ll leave that decision for after we are in the house.  But, I can’t get the idea of pairing the stripes with our couches out of my mind!  I’m much too excited about this.  Can’t wait to see what Jason has to say about this one!  He is pretty traditional in his decor style, so I’m sure he will have a mini stroke about stripes in the den! LOL!


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