Baby on Board! Due 1-13-13

10 Jul

Well I’ve managed to completely neglect my little corner of the internet since we moved to Nashville.  I have so many photos and stories to share from the last 4 months that I will probably never get to post.  The first couple months post move were totally consumed with renovating the house.  It was fun, but mostly stressful and frustrating.  I doubt we will ever tackle this much again (and it really wasn’t that much).  The renovation took a lot out of both of us so the actual interior design is taking a while for us to find the energy (and money) to get around to tackling.  We still have a few projects straggling along that we are trying to get finished up.  Hopefully one day we can officially say we are done!

As for the last 2 months of my 4 months absence I’ve been preoccupied with growing a baby (and throwing up, extreme exhaustion, debilitating headaches, killer heartburn, and every other symptom in the book).  I had been told that it would be difficult for me to get pregnant on my own due to my PCOS, so we were in the stage of just letting things happen naturally.  We had been in this stage for a year and a half without much thought about it since we weren’t anxious to have a baby yet.  I guess once the stress of my job was removed my body started working normally and low and behold we were surprised with a little blessing in my belly!  It came as a pleasant shock to us both. 

8 weeks! Most beautiful baby blob we’ve ever seen!

Finding out I was pregnant was an experience that is difficult to describe.  The day after I found out, I wrote out the story.  It is kind of long, but I thought some of our family might enjoy reading it.  I wanted to remember every detail of that day. May 21, 2012- I woke up Monday morning thinking I surely had started my period over night.  I went to the bathroom and sure enough, I hadn’t.  I moved on to going about my daily morning routine of breakfast and blogs.  In the back of my mind, however, was a nagging thought.  “Could I really be pregnant?”  I kept looking at the calendar and counting the weeks.  I wasn’t sure exactly when I had my last period.  It seemed familiar that I was on my period on our anniversary, which was April 4.  But in my mind, that just didn’t seem right as that was over 6 weeks ago.  My period is far from regular, so I was sure that because I had started exercising a lot this month it had been thrown off.   Then again, over 6 weeks is still a long time. I did have some cramps, which lead me to believe my period was imminent, and my breasts had been tender for probably 2 weeks.  Hmm. These thoughts continued to run through my mind over and over throughout the morning, but I was sure I wasn’t pregnant.  I needed to pick up a few things from Target, so even thought I was certain I was not pregnant, I decided to pick up a cheapo test to put my mind at ease and move on with my day.  I got the Target brand, 2 for $6 (I have always wondered why they come in 2 packs….I get it now) along with the other things on my list (a graduation card, toothpaste, toothbrushes and loofahs).  As soon as I got home, I immediately took the test without hesitation because I was so sure of the result.  As I watched the test work its magic, I saw the colors change and flood through the windows.  I was sure I was it leave no + sign and rolled my eyes thinking I was an idiot.  However, something made me take a second look.  “Wait, is that a streak?  It must be streak.  This cheap POS streaked and now it kinda looks like a + sign.  IT KINDA LOOKS POSITIVE! OMG. OMG. “  I ran to the counter to read the directions.  The “streak” was a very faint line forming the +.  As I searched the instructions for an answer as to what this meant, the only answer I found was that I was probably pregnant.  Any + is a positive reading, no matter how light the line is.  I still didn’t believe it.  It looked more like a streak than a line.  Maybe I peed on that part accidentally.  I slammed the test down and ran out the door straight to Walgreens (which is about a quarter mile from my house thank goodness).  I went straight to the tests and bought one with an electronic reading.  There would be no mistaking this result.  I got home and somehow mustered up some pee to take this test immediately.  I walked away then turned around and there was the result, plain as day.  Pregnant.  I wish I could have seen the look on my face.  I can imagine it was somewhere between a smile and a look of terror.  I walked to the couch and picked up my iPad to search for ways to tell my husband.  I of course wanted to call him immediately, but I didn’t think it was fair to tell him at work since I knew he would be distracted the rest of the day.  Plus, I wasn’t sure he would believe me.  So after a few minutes I decided what I should do.  Just that morning, Jason had hung up a memo board on our refrigerator (it was a gift from the neighborhood association that we got the night before).  When we got it Sunday night, I told him to throw it out, but he wanted to hang it up so he could “leave me messages in the morning.”  That first morning it was up, he left a message saying “I love you…have a great day.”  It hit me that I should leave a message in return.   “Ok, I’ve got that settled.  Wow, I’m pregnant.  Now what?”   I honestly had no idea what I was supposed to do at this point.  So, back to Target I went to pick up the “What to Expect” book and some prenatal vitamins.  I read through the applicable chapters, still feeling in complete disbelief.  In such disbelief that I decided I better take another test.  I used the other target cheapo.  This time the result was loud and clear.  I taped the electronic test and the cheapo test to the message board and hung up some baby converse.  Shortly before Jason got home, the electronic test lost its reading, so I took the electronic test again.  Still pregnant.  Then, I sat and waited.  I sat in disbelief, shock, horror, and excitement.  It seemed like forever before he got home.  When he got home, he was on the phone, so I had to wait even longer.  Once he was finally off the phone, I told him I left him a message back on the board.  He was jabbering about how he didn’t think I saw his message since I never said anything about it.  I will never forget these next few moments.  He walked up to the board and squinted.  Somehow he apparently missed the baby shoes and the pregnancy tests.  He tried to read my writing which said “I’m Pregnant!”   outloud but I guess his eyes, in disbelief, jumbled all the letters and he made some nonsense sounds.  He shakes his head and reads it softly, “I’m pregnant.”  He snaps his head at me (I’m in tears) with his eyes wide open and says “really?”  I shook my head yes because I couldn’t muster up any words.  He slaps his hand to his forehead and then wraps me up in a hug.  He asked why I was crying because he was excited.  I think I just shook my head no and mouthed I don’t know.  I think I followed that up with I’m scared.  We moved to the den and sat on the couch.  I told him about my day and how I had taken 4 tests.  We both sat and stared at each other a lot.  It felt real now that he knew, but also still so surreal.  He asked the “now what” questions that I had asked myself.  I explained that I was making a doctor appointment and until then we would wait.  We sat some more and then I suggested we go out to dinner to “celebrate.”  We chose Outback since it is something familiar and comforting to us.  He had a steak and I had Walhalla pasta.  We talked about normal things like work and we talked about our growing baby.  I shared some of the things I read in the book and that I thought the baby would be due in January.  Still lots of disbelief. 

So, here I am in my first belly shot at 13 weeks.  I’m also wearing my new maternity clothes.  

 I haven’t been doing weekly belly photos since there wasn’t much noticeable change until recently.  Tomorrow I will do a recap of the first trimester!


2 Responses to “Baby on Board! Due 1-13-13”

  1. Jessica July 10, 2012 at 5:25 PM #

    Congratulations! It’s one of the most difficult, but exciting times in your life. Enjoy the journey!

  2. Don & Alice Faye July 10, 2012 at 5:46 PM #

    That was beautiful, Kristin. You make an old uncle (and your aunt) so proud of you!
    Uncle Donald

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