First Trimester Recap

11 Jul

The stick that started it all (I promise it was a much lighter line when I first saw it)

I have not been keeping up with my pregnancy weekly up to this point.   Honestly, I haven’t felt good enough to really even think about weekly updates.  Basically every couple of weeks my symptoms change becoming even more miserable with each passing day.  I started with weeks 5 and 6 with extreme exhaustion and insatiable hunger (I didn’t know what this was related to during week 5….I thought I was just tired from planting and sodding).  Then with week 7 and 8 came the headaches.  Oh the headaches.  Then with week 9 through 10 add on the bloating and the nausea.  Week 11 was great as far as symptoms go.  Other than being tired, I was fine.  I thought I had turned the corner.   Weeks 12 and 13 have been the worst so far.   The actual puking started and has not stopped and now I’ve got some awful heartburn kicking in.  Yipee.   Pregnancy is tough people (why oh why didn’t SOMEONE warn me!!!)!  I thought I was going to do a natural birth, but considering I haven’t even made it through my first trimester unmedicated I highly doubt I’m going to make it through birth unmedicated.  Oh well.  That’s what modern medicine is for, right? So, without further adieu, here are my first trimester stats: Baby Size– 3″ long (size of a peach….which I have been eating a ton of) How Far Along– 13 weeks 3 days Total Weight Gain– 3 lbs (I’ve decided this isn’t too bad for the first trimester…recommended is 1-5 lbs), but I’m pretty sure it looks like 10 Sleep– Decent.  I wake up once a night to pee every night.  Lately the nausea and heartburn have been keeping me awake.  Plus my husband has been working late nights so when he comes to bed it wakes me up and I can’t go back to sleep. Maternity Clothes– I bought my first pair of maternity jeans on Sunday along with 2 tops.  I’m sporting my new jeans and top in the bump photo from yesterday.  Those jeans are SO comfy and totally cute.  I’m pretty sure I’ll wear those every thanksgiving from now on.  Since I wear all tight, skinny leg jeans they are all uncomfortable now, so I broke down and bought the big momma pants.  I can still wear my shirts, shorts and dresses.  Food Cravings– I had some cravings throughout the first 12 weeks, but it has changed alot.  I really craved fresh fruits of all kinds and anything comforting (mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, pancakes, etc.).  I also have really liked beans and peas.  Last week I started loving pickles and went through a whole jar in a week.  Sometimes food just taste so amazing, other times, blegh. Food Aversions– Most of the time nothing sounds good.  The main things that I typically LOVE and have not wanted at all are brocoli and peanut butter.  Symptoms: Ha.  You name it, I’ve had/got it.   Headaches, sore boobs, cramping (from the stretching tummy), nausea, heartburn, vomiting, tiredness, breakouts, etc. Doctor’s Appointments:  We have had 2 appointments.  The first was at 8 weeks 3 days.  We got to see our tiny tiny baby on the ultrasound and it was magical.  I had all these doubts and fears that I was really pregnant (or still pregnant) and all of that was quieted as soon as that image popped on the screen.  We could see its little heart beating (160 bpm I think).  Definitely the best moment to date.  I had all kinds of tests done that day and gave 4 vials of blood.  All the lab work came back normal.  At the second appointment we got to hear the heartbeat.  The doctor was able to find it right away and it was so cool.  It was still at 150-160 bpm.  The next appointment is a biggie!  August 14 for our 18 week ultrasound and hopefully finding out the gender! Movement:  I haven’t felt any yet but can’t wait until I do! Belly Button–  In, but it looks a little bigger already! Best Moment of the First Trimester– Ultrasound for sure!  Followed up by telling all our friends about the pregnancy (I’ll share that story with you tomorrow….it was awesome! What I’m Looking Forward to:  Finding out the gender so we can start planning names and the nursery!  5 weeks seems like eternity!  And feeling the baby moving around! What I miss:  Feeling normal.  Being productive because I wasn’t tired and nauseated all the time.


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