Goodbye Size 2

18 Jul

I’m trying to soak up every minute of my last week of freedom (I start my new job on Monday).  I’m feeling a bit better this week (knocking on wood now), thank goodness (as evidenced by the whole pizza I ate at lunch that last week I had to share…it is an individual pizza, I promise).  The girls have been getting to do whatever they want, which is to sit on the couch with me all day.  They are going to be in for a big change too after having me home all day for almost 8 months.  I feel so sorry for them.  I am going to miss them SO SO much.  Tear.  I am not going to miss having 100% of the house work on my hands. 

I have a list of things to get done for the house this week (they are installing the new marble in the bathroom as I type).  One of the main things I want to accomplish is cleaning out my closet.  Since moving to Nashville I have lived in lounge clothes or workout clothes (not that I’ve done much working out since the move…), so I’ve barely touched anything in my closet.  My side of the closet is crammed full of clothes and is seriously lacking any form of organization.  I’ll be getting up earlier than I have in months to get to work, so I know I’m not going to have time in the mornings to play the “I don’t have anything to wear” game (not to mention how much fun that would be as I’m growing out of my clothes).  SO, all that said, I want to clean out my closet and pack away all the clothes that I won’t be wearing until after the baby comes (see ya later size 2 pants…I hope).  I need to see what work clothes I can still wear and what I need to purchase.  Sounds like a blast huh?  Not really.  But, it is a necessary evil that will make my life much easier come next week. 

I was at Target today (getting a big tub for all these pre-preggo clothes) and the cashier asked me if I had any kids.  I habitually responded “no, not yet,” which I guess is technically true, but after I said it, I felt weird about it!  It has not fully sunk in that I’m going to be a Mom and that Jason and I are going to be parents.  So I, being an over-sharer, felt compelled to inform her that I was pregnant.  She looked at my belly questioningly and said congratulations ( I am far from looking pregnant, just pudgy).  It was a very awkward moment for me that I continued to think about for an hour.  Isn’t it funny how such an easy, common question can really evoke so many thoughts?

If I put my makeup one day this week (ah the perks of housewifery), I’ll take a 14 week belly photo.  I’m pretty sure nothing has changed since last week. Well, other than me losing my dignity throwing up on the side of the road in Hot Springs on Sunday morning.  Puking in public rocks. Not.  Thank goodness I packed a towel for the girls to sit on.


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