Baby Wood is a ….

20 Aug

Baby BOY Wood arriving in January!

We could not be more excited about our little boy. It was quite a shock for me at first to get used to the idea of a boy since it’s just me and my sis, but now that it has sunk in, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The anatomy scan went great. Seeing him on the screen made everything so real. He was very active and moving around a lot! We all think he looks just like me right now from his sloped nose to his chin and cheeks! Now we will anxiously await the 3d/4d ultrasound at 30 weeks!!

We have one name that is a serious contender, but we are still considering other options. Your name is such s big part of your identity so we want to get it right!

As for the nursery, we will start working on it soon. My goal is to be basically finished with it by Thanksgiving. I’m afraid if we wait too late we will get too busy with holidays! We have not decided if we want to go vintage or modern yet.

We received our first baby gift from our dear friends Sarah and Ryan this weekend! We just adore this outfit!

Baby now has one set of PJs, this outfit, and two pair of converse shoes in his room! It’s so fun to see little things in his room already!

I have been keeping up with my weekly updates in email, but have slacked off in posting them here. I will try to catch up! I’m not posting any pics of me until after labor day. We are going to LA to visit my sis and I want her to be surprised at my bump size!


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