Weeks 14-15

21 Aug

Weeks 14 and 15

Baby Size- 4-5” (size of an avocado)

How Far Along- 15 weeks and 5 days

Weight Gain- Not quite sure but I think 5-6 lbs total (yes, I have really picked up speed on the weight gain the last 2 weeks…got to slow that train down asap)

Sleep- Sleeping pretty well for the most part. I’m so tired (especially now that I’m working again and waking up at 6) that I usually fall asleep by 9. I have to get up to pee almost every night at least once a night (one night I got up 5 times!!!).

Maternity Clothes- The weekend before I started work we went shopping for some dressy maternity pants. I ended up getting three pair (black, navy and gray) that should hopefully last me through the pregnancy. I cleaned out my closet and only had 2 pair of non-maternity pants that I could still wear. I’m surprised how quickly I’ve outgrown my clothes!

Food Cravings- My appetite is finally kicking back in! I still don’t have any crazy cravings, but if I get something on my mind I’ve got to have it. There was a commercial for a DQ blizzard last week and I had to talk Jason into taking me to sonic for ice cream (could be the culprit behind the weight gain??). I’m really loving anything tangy or tart best. Lemonade, pickles, and fresh fruit top the list of go-to items. And NO, I have not been craving meat.

Aversions- Still not crazy about peanut butter. I had a PB&J last week for lunch. It wasn’t awful, but definitely not as good as it was pre-prego. I have a general aversion to all food when there is something I’m really craving but I can’t have it because it is in Scottsdale! I’ve been trying to avoid anything too spicy as much as possible to help with the heartburn.

Symptoms- I have gotten most of my energy back and am beginning to feel human again. I’m still having awful headaches frequently (Tylenol does nothing for them either). I’m still throwing up on occasion, especially if I go too long without eating, and still nauseated a lot. My heartburn has been better since I got the Pepcid. I can feel it flaring up and take a Pepcid to calm things down before they get too bad. My RLP (round ligament pain) has really picked up over the two weeks too. Sometimes the pain is pretty severe and makes me flinch and wince. My back has also started hurting, but I think that is due to adjusting to sitting in an office chair all day.

Doctor Appointments- Not until August 14 when we get another ultrasound!

Movement- I think I have felt a few flutters, but I can’t say for sure. It will be a couple more weeks until I can start feeling the movement for certain!

Best Moment of Week 14-15- The best moment was probably on Tuesday night (July 24) when we got home from dinner. I was undressing and Jason noticed my belly. He reached out and rubbed it for the first time and noted how amazing it was how much I had grown in just the last couple of days. I think some of that “growth” was really just the amazing dinner we ate that night, but it was a wonderful moment.

What I’m Looking Forward To- Still looking forward to the ultrasound on August 14! If all goes well, we will know if our first child is a boy or girl! Since we live hours away from everyone we know, I’m debating ways to break the news gender news to everyone.

What I Miss- I’m missing all my clothes and feeling cute. It is really hard to feel good about myself when I can’t wear clothes that I like and feel pudgy all the time.


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