Week 17

23 Aug

Baby Size- 5.5” (sweet potato)

Weight Gain- My weight is still holding steady at about 6 lbs gained. However, I’m definitely starting to feel it in my hips and upper thighs. I’m not handling this whole weight thing all that well, which I attribute back to my pageant days. I’m trying to be cautious about what I eat and getting lots of nutritious food. Every now and then I will have some ice cream or cookie, but it is not a daily thing. I still need to get back to the gym. I know that it is really important.

Sleep- With Jason being out of town most of this week, I took the liberty to go to bed as early as I felt like it! Most days I fell asleep on the couch around 8 and headed to bed when I woke up about 9 (and fell right back to sleep). I didn’t sleep nearly as well once Jason returned from his trip. Good thing I stocked up while he was gone.

Maternity Clothes- Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about it. My issues here go hand in hand with the weight gain. I had a breakdown this morning over not having anything to wear and my maternity jeans already getting too tight. Tears on Friday mornings is becoming pretty routine.

Aversions- None this week

Symptoms- Well I felt pretty good this week aside from heartburn and a super surprise puking episode. The day after that I felt pretty icky and nauseated all day. Hopefully it was a fluke. Obviously I’ve been really tired (since I’ve been going to sleep at 8).

Doctor Appointments- Next Tuesday! I have some conflicting emotions over this appointment. On the one hand I’m super excited because we will (hopefully) be finding out the gender. On the other, it is a really important ultrasound where they look at the development of the baby. In some cases it can be a really upsetting (or the start to some really upsetting news), so that makes me really nervous. Just praying that everything goes well.

Movement- I felt the baby kick from the outside this week (as in I could feel it with my hand on my belly). Sadly Jason was out of town so he missed it, but I’m sure there will be plenty more to come for him to feel! It was a really sweet moment, maybe the best moment so far.

Best Moment of the Week- Feeling the baby kick for the first time was by far the highlight of the past month (and maybe the pregnancy so far)!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Learning the gender of the baby next week. I cannot wait to find out if we will be having a son or a daughter. It is still surreal to think that I will have a “son” or a “daughter”! I also can’t wait to see Jason’s reaction to what we are having! He has mentioned that he kinda wants a boy just because he assumes we will make mistakes with the first one and he would rather us screw up a boy than a girl! Ha! Pretty good reasoning!

What I miss- Um, my waist line!!


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