Week 19

27 Aug

Baby Size- 6.5” and 10 oz (I am assuming our little man is a bit heavier since he weighed 9 oz at 18 weeks)

Weight Gain- Jumped up to a total of 10 lbs by the end of the week! How is it possible to gain 3 lbs in a week (well, I guess when I look down at this burgeoning bump, I see why)!? Here’s hoping I hold steady at 10 lbs for a couple weeks to make up for the big gain.

Sleep- Still sleeping well. Night time potty breaks increased this week so that wasn’t so fun.

Maternity Clothes- Yay for FINALLY finding lots of pieces that I like! I found a cute store in Franklin called Pickles and Ice Cream that has really nice things and also found a few shirts at The Limited (which I haven’t been to in a several years) that will work at least through the fall. I feel SO much better now that I have some clothes that I feel cute in! Now if it would just cool off a bit so I could wear my boots I would be a really happy camper!

Aversions- None

Symptoms- Still feeling great. Baby boy must be pressing on my bladder more because my bathroom trips have increased significantly this week. It was really annoying when we were shopping on Saturday. The skin on my belly is starting to tingle too, which I am sure is a sign of all the stretching going on. I’m still having heartburn pretty frequently, but I am getting used to it now.

Doctor Appointments- Our next appointment is scheduled for Sept. 12!

Movement- Still feeling lots of movement. When he is kicking hard enough to feel on the outside I always alert Jason, but he has yet to be able to feel anything. I think it is because his hands are so cold and the baby stops moving when he feels the cold sensation! I am really hoping he can feel it soon because it is so neat.

Best Moment of the Week- I turned 30 on Saturday, which is unbelievable to me (how can I be 30?!). We spent the day together shopping, looking at cribs, and having a wonderful date. The best moment was opening the card that Jason gave to me. He how blessed he was to have me as the mother of his son and it brought me to tears. Every day it becomes more and more real that we are going to be welcoming our son into the world in a few short months!

What I am Looking Forward to: Labor day!

What I miss- Nothing really, but I was a bit sad on Saturday night when I remembered that our plan for the last 4 years was to celebrate my 30th in Europe. Jason quickly reminded me that Europe wasn’t going anywhere and we would get there soon.


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