Nursery Update

29 Aug

Jason and I have finally decided on a look for the nursery. After going down one road for a little while (in planning stage only), we decided to switch gears completely. We were initially going for navy walls and vintage sports theme. However, as I looked back through some of my pins, one nursery stood out. It is very neutral (surprise, surprise….we like something
neutral), calming, and sweet. At first we thought maybe it was too boring, but ultimately decided that we wanted the nursery to be peaceful for all of us and that we would re-do his room when he is a toddler. Here is the inspiration room from

I want to do the walls more of a blue-gray and add in some more vintage and boyish things.

We spent a little time last night picking out which bedroom would be the nursery. We originally thought we would use the biggest bedroom thinking it would have lots of room for playing and toys and such. It would also mean only re-painting one rom. BUT, last night we officially decided to use the smaller bedroom. It is still a generous room and has a nice walk-in closet. We really want to add a board and batten treatment on the walls and I fear it will be too much for the big bedroom. We decided that we can make the big bedroom into a guest room/play room when that becomes necessary or we can switch him to the bigger room when he is a toddler and needs more play room.

So, we are getting a quote tomorrow for the board and batten since the guy is coming to do some other work anyway. I know there are lots of DIY tutorials online, but Jason just doesn’t want to tackle it. Of course if the quote is really high, we may DIY it. We probably won’t be painting the room ourselves either. I think we painted ourselves to pieces in Scottsdale because we painted that entire house ourselves (some rooms multiple times due to poor color selection). We are both “over” the DIY at the moment. Well, technically I’m “over” the house renovation in general. I’m so ready for it to be completely done! Getting close!

We have also been looking at cribs. We are having such a difficult time deciding on one! We had one at Pottery Barn Kids picked out, but then we changed directions on the nursery. I really want a gray toned crib, but they are hard to come by and the ones I love are pretty expensive (Restoration Hardware, why must you be so expensive? Pretty please put your cribs on sale asap!). SO, we don’t know what we are going to do.

My mom is going to give us a dresser that I used in my room when I was little to use in the nursery. It is an antique and it so pretty. I’m going to update the pulls to a antique brass I think (currently the knobs have flowers which probably won’t work for a little boy!). She has another antique dresser that we may use as a changing table depending on the size. Otherwise, we will have to figure out something for a changing table because the antique dresser is a bit too tall I think.

The only other major purchase we will have is a glider. We haven’t really started looking much for the chair. I would love to do a custom fabric so we may have to go to a boutique. I’ve been checking Craigslist hoping I can find one and recover. I found one yesterday that was perfect but it had already sold! Darn.

So, basically we are all talk and no action at this point. Ha! That will need to change relatively soon if we are going to get everything done before Thanksgiving!


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