Week 20- halfway point!

6 Sep

Baby Size- 7” and 11 ozs (size of a banana…my boy may be a bit heavier)

Weight Gain- I actually have no idea because I haven’t been on the scale, but my fingers are crossed that I am holding at 10 lbs.

Sleep- Sleeping pretty well except for the potty breaks.

Maternity Clothes- Still wearing all maternity pants and a mix of tops. The regular tops I have found are all long and blousy. So happy to have some fun clothes to wear again!

Aversions/Cravings- Nothing that I can think of!

Symptoms- Feeling good overall. Still having some digestion issues and heartburn woes.

Doctor Appointments- Next week!

Movement- There were a couple days this week that I didn’t feel him moving very much. It worried me a little, but I tried not to over think it. Some people are just now starting to feel movement so I knew it was fine. I also noticed several other women saying there baby’s movements slowed down a lot around this time and then picked back up (thanks online message boards). He has been moving around a lot after his quiet days. I’m really hoping Jason gets to feel him kick soon….he just doesn’t have the patience to wait around with his hand on my belly for an hour.

Best Moment of the Week- Being with my sister and shopping for the baby together! Also, we decided on a name! Can’t wait to share it with our family and friends!

What I am looking forward to: Getting started on the nursery! Now that we have a plan, it is time to get cracking!

What I miss: Nothing much this week. I could say zippers and buttons on my pants (my sis thought it was really strange that I didn’t have a zipper on my maternity jeans) but actually that is pretty darn handy…especially when you go potty as often as I do some days!


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