House updates

7 Sep

I think I’m starting to get the itch to nest. Maybe it is just because we haven’t been able to start preparing the nursery due to weekend obligations, but I am definitely anxious to get started. Jason did clean out the bedroom closet last week so we can start putting away the few things we have for the baby instead of leaving them out on the bed. We also met with a trim carpenter to discuss the board and batten we want to add to the room. He is supposed to put a quote together for us, but we haven’t heard from him yet (I’m sure we will have to call him…that’s how these things go). I may have mentioned this but we are planning to use a beautiful antique dresser that I used when I was little. I was really hoping we could use it as a changing table too, but it may be a bit too tall. We could always trim the legs down I guess. I don’t know how much room we will have for another piece of furniture to use as a changing table. Maybe this room IS too small!

We haven’t started looking at paint colors yet. I’m really wanting a gray-blue for the walls (they are currently gray) with the white board and batten. Maybe I will take the paint decks with me in the car this weekend. Or should I be spending my time reading BabyWise not playing with paint chips? Hm…

We have made zero progress on the crib decision (or the glider decision for that matter). We have to get focused after this weekend. I don’t like picking things from a picture and since most of the cribs I like are online/catalog it is going to be a challenge.

We did score some picture frames last night on sale at Target! They caught my eye as we passed the aisle and I had to go check them out. They are exactly what I was envisioning and when I saw they were on sale for a great price, they came home with us. That is one thing to check off the list!

I love the hanging baskets in the inspiration nursery. They came from World Market so since it is next to Target we decided to swing by. No such luck finding the baskets (well they had 2 but I don’t think they were the right color….). I checked online and
they didn’t have them either. Rats. I’ll be stalking the store until I find them.

I decided to make a list of the nursery items to keep me on track:

New hardware for dresser
Board and Batten
Steam clean carpet (they look brand new, but it couldn’t hurt)
Hanging baskets
Photo frames
Hang frames (with something in them)
Pick fabrics for crib skirt
Curtain rod
Mobile for over changing pad (I’ve got this covered thanks to a sweet friend!)
Organize closet and dresser

On to other house news, our bathroom is getting REALLY close to being complete. We have one piece of trim that needs to be replaced on the crown moulding and then we need the painters to come. And that is IT. I cannot wait for this project to be over. We are also very close on the laundry room too- we just have to tile the shelf we put in and then we are DONE. Hooray! Decorating the house has really taken the backseat as we finish up the remodeling. There are still so many things I want to do. Maybe when the baby comes I’ll have time to focus on decorating….Keep dreaming right? The dining room really bugs me the most I think. It is so bare and undecorated. It is in serious need of some love, especially considering it is a pretty prominent room in the house lay out.

We did get the office completed. I should take a photo of it someday. It turned out really well and very similar to what I had envisioned. I guess I never blogged about it, but we ended up refinishing two Ikea bookshelves for the office. Our Plan A of painting the bookshelves failed miserable. The only way to salvage them was to sand them down. It was a nightmare. It took us a couple months to get the sanding done because it was such a miserable process. The factory finish was next to impossible (and impossible in some places) to remove. We finally just gave up and stained them. Thank goodness we were going for a rustic look or else these would be a disaster. If you look closely you can definitely see the flaws, but overall they look pretty good (especially once the shelves were full of books and knick knacks). If we had known we would be planning a nursery when we started the project, we would have just bought new ones and used the original white shelf in the nursery. Ah hindsight.

As we work on the nursery, the other bedrooms upstairs are going to be re-done as well. Of course the only room that we are happy with up there is the one room that is becoming the nursery. So, we will be shuffling things around and combining furniture to hopefully find a suitable solution. I think one room will be getting a paint job as well. Both rooms could use new nightstands too, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Sorry guests- you are stuck with the little ones for now.

Can you tell we are “house” people? We just love houses and feel so much better when we are happy with our décor. It is something we enjoy and that we take pride in. I know it is silly as there are much more important things to worry over, but it is just our nature. It is our version of OCD I suppose (well Jason has other versions too, but he isn’t here to defend himself so I’ll leave well enough alone….). With the baby coming and knowing how much time we are going to be spending at home with this little man, it is even more important that we have a comfortable space that we love being in (or so I think anyway).

We have a big weekend planned and I’m very much looking forward to it. We are heading to Jonesboro, AR for the first ASU home game of the season! I have not been back since I graduated, so I’m excited to see how things have changed (and I know they have changed quite a bit)! We’ve got big plans to tailgate with our friends and finally break out our awesome cornhole set (they will be the envy of all the tailgaters)! It should be loads of fun, but I am going to try not to overdo it as that always ends up with me being sick. And MOST importantly, we our getting the girls back!!!! They have been at “Nana’s Summer Camp” for the last two weeks and I cannot WAIT to have them in my lap again! We’ve missed them terribly. I am afraid they are going to be mad at us for a bit, but that’s not going to stop me from loving on them all the way home!


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