Week 21

10 Sep

Baby Size- Spaghetti Squash (8”in and 1 lb)… we are in the pounds people! Yay!

Weight Gain- Holding at 10 lbs but I expect to go up next week after being sick this week.

Sleep- Sleep is good. I’m getting close to needing one of those ginormous pillows, but I am waiting until it is necessary as I
know the dogs will pile up on it leaving little room for me.

Maternity Clothes- Oh yes, all maternity (or bought to fit while I’m pregnant) clothes here. I’m getting a nice little collection now. I even got some JBrand jeans that I’m loving. One thing I haven’t really mentioned is shoes. I’m still able to wear my old 7.5 size shoes, but new shoes I’ve tried on I’m going with an 8. They are just more comfortable and my toes are hitting the end on my smaller size. I heard the hormones make your feet grow and I guess it is true. I’ve also noticed that I’m having a lot of heel pain if I walk around for an extended time, so I’ve been looking for more comfy shoes. I remember the days when I didn’t leave the house without heels on….

Aversions/Cravings- No aversions. I should have mentioned this last week or the week before, but one major craving I am having is soda. I hate soda and think it is really bad for you (particularly as an every day beverage instead of as a treat) and gave it up over a year ago. But I started craving them and I gave in. The doc said it was OK to have some soda, especially to help with headaches. They have very little caffeine so it isn’t a big deal. I’m trying to limit myself to a couple times a week, but it is hard. Soda is addictive. I’ve been eating ice cream at night pretty regularly….that should probably stop too. The only other craving I can think of is French fries. I don’t have them often (unless I’m having a veggie burger or something) but I do crave them. I think it is because the cafeteria at work always smells like French fries.

Symptoms- My back is really starting to bother me on a constant basis (it was more infrequent). The protruding belly is making my back sway and it is not comfortable. I’ve also had some RLP (round ligament pain) this week on my lower right side. At times, it is so uncomfortable that I have a hard time walking. But it is all good because I know it is just the baby growing. I’ve also gotten my “mask of pregnancy.” It has been around a couple weeks but I always forget about it. The mask of pregnancy is the reddening and spots on the cheeks. It’s not pretty, but it could be worse. The heartburn is still hanging around of course.

Doctor Appointments- Sept. 12! I’ve got a list of questions for the doctor (all labor related) that I will probably start checking off this week. I don’t want to bombard her with all of them at once. I cannot believe it has been 4 weeks since we found out we were having a boy!

Movement- Lots and lots of movement. Love feeling him move around, but sometimes it is a little uncomfortable.

Best Moment of the Week- Going back to Jonesboro to watch ASU play Memphis! I haven’t been back since I graduated, so being back and expecting my first child was quite surreal. I spent many Saturdays in those very stands watching Jason play and to now be sitting there with him as my husband and father to our soon to be born son, was perfect. The weather was beautiful (first fall weather of the year!) and I got to spend time with some dear friends! Also of note this week- first time a stranger asked about me being pregnant!

What I am Looking Forward To- Making progress on the nursery!

What I Miss- Nothing much this week.


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