It’s the Weekend Baby!

14 Sep

I’m SO glad it is Friday. The weeks are going by so slow Monday-Wednesday. This cooler weather has me wanting to leave work after lunch every day!

I’ve got so many projects I want to tackle this weekend. Jason expects to be working a lot this weekend, so I don’t know how much help I’m going to get from
him. That means I’ll be working on the easy projects! We got the quote back for the board and batten treatment we want to do in the nursery and it was about 3 times as much as what I expected. Is it just me or is everything more expensive than you estimated when it comes to hiring someone? That said, if we want the board and batten treatment, we are going to have to DIY. There are a gazillion and one tutorials out there for how to do it. For the most part I think it is pretty straightforward, until you hit the trouble spots of course (corners, outlets, light switches, baseboards). We are talking to our handy friend about it to see if he thinks we can tackle it (and if he has the tools we need to borrow). He has been such a big help to us with our home projects! Anyway, that obviously isn’t a job for me to do alone, so we probably won’t make any progress on that. If we decide against the board and batten, we could do a chair rail and paint the bottom part of the wall white (or use bead board on the bottom). It would give a similar effect but be a lot less expensive and easier. Or, we nix the whole idea altogether (ew). Decisions, decisions.

Board and Batten inspiration from

Wainscoting with bead board look (found on pinterest with no credit):

We’ve narrowed down the nursery paint color to a couple favorites, so I’m going to get some samples and try them out. With the board and batten project under consideration, that could change the paint a bit. If we don’t have all the white on the bottom, I’ll probably want to go a lighter color. Maybe I should go ahead and pick two colors just in case.

I’ll also be working on a couple crafty projects. I’m experimenting with a painting project from Pinterest. I have a feeling it could be a big fail, but it is worth a shot. We’ve got three large, empty frames hanging over our couch that desperately needs some artwork. Fingers crossed this works and those frames will no longer be empty! I’ll also be working on a special craft project.

And the major things I want to get accomplished are ordering the crib and glider! We have the cribs narrowed down to two options (one of which you haven’t seen yet….I found it after the last post….it isn’t gray either :O!). We can get them both locally and if they are in stock, we get it that day! We aren’t usually that lucky, but the thought of having a crib in the house this weekend makes me a way bit excited. I would also like to look at fabrics for the nursery bedding. I have some ideas in mind for fabric, but want to see what I can actually find.

I also plan to take the girls to the park for a little hike and picnic too! We need to enjoy this beautiful weather that I’ve been so anxiously awaiting! The girls (and I) love getting out of the house (well at least after I get them out the door….it is a bit of a fight to get them harnessed up and out the door) and being in the fresh air!

We also have a little tile project to do, but we can’t decide if we should DIY or hire someone. It would look better if someone else did it, but it is just the laundry room. Either way, it needs to get done so we can finish up that space!

Oy! So much to do, so little time! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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