Random Thoughts on Monday

17 Sep

· In case anyone wonders, I blog because I am separated from all of my friends and family (except the 2 friends I have in Nashville). It is hard to keep in touch, so I write this to keep those friends and family updated on our lives. I’m sure all the pregnancy posts and photos on my blog and facebook get annoying to people, but it is the best way I have to share what is going on.
· I’ve said this already, but pregnancy is way harder than I ever imagined (and I feel like I’m having a good, normal pregnancy so far so I can’t imagine how rough a complicated pregnancy is). I’ve learned there are a lot of things women don’t tell you about pregnancy. For one, your boobs and belly will both get big enough that your boobs rest on your belly when you sit (well at least if you have a short torso like me). It is really uncomfortable and awkward. There are worse, but I’m afraid it may be TMI for the blog….
· Becoming a mom is stressful. The worry starts from Day 1 of knowing you a pregnant. I worry about the baby, I worry about myself, I worry about my husband and how he is really handling all of this and what is going through his head, I worry about the decisions we have to make, both big and small, etc. It is a wonderful, yet worrisome time.
· I didn’t get anything accomplished this weekend that I wanted. I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning because I was so excited to start the day. I went on a walk, made breakfast, did laundry, picked up and got ready for the day all before Jason rolled out of bed. Then things fell apart productivity wise.
· We went to pick out the crib and they had sold the floor model of the crib we wanted to look at. Big bummer. They did have pieces in the same color as the crib so that was good to see. I think we are going to go ahead and order it. It is a great price and I love the shape of it. I know you are surprised to see that it is brown and not gray. I really did want a gray crib, but we just couldn’t make it work. The thought of painting one made me nervous on several levels (spending money on one and then messing it up with paint, paint chipping off, baby eating the paint as it chips off, paying a professional to paint it, etc.). The gray ones I found I either didn’t like for the room or was super expensive. My friend Katie let me know Gilt was having a Franklin and Ben sale and when I checked it out I saw this crib and just really loved the lines of it. I sent it to Jason and he loved it too. So, that’s that. Painting it is always an option if we really don’t like the brown, but I think we will like it. It is called Rustic Brown, so it is a bit lighter than the typical brown crib and you can see the wood grain, which I really like. (franklinandben.com)

We did pick out the style of glider we are going to order. It is actually a glider/recliner combo (you can’t even tell it reclines…the lever is hidden on the inside of the chair). I’ve heard the recliner can really come in handy, so we are going with that option. It is fully upholstered and super comfy. We just have to decide on the fabric we want. It is definitely a splurge item, but hopefully we will use it for years to come. (littlecastle.com)

· We cleared all the furniture out of the nursery and now it is ready for paint and the board and batten treatment. Jason really wants to do the board and batten so we are going to give it a try. I’m thinking we will get started on it next weekend. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.
· I found the vintage wagon I was looking for! It is a wooden, Town and Country Radio Flyer. It is almost identical to the one in my inspiration photo from Pinterest, with the only difference being the inspiration has a darker wood tone (they probably re-stained it). I love it. It has already been useful too- we used it to move the box springs to the storage closet because it was heavy and I couldn’t lift it (so I pulled it instead). I also pulled Maddy around in it for a minute (surely you knew I HAD to put a dog in there). I think she kinda liked it. Miley was terrified of it and ran away so I didn’t torture her by putting her in it. I envision lots of play time with this wagon in the future, but for now, it will be a good place for books, toys, and stuffed animals.

· With the crib being brown now, we have decided to go with a gray dresser. This will keep the colors balanced the way I want (with a major brown piece and a major gray piece). We are trying to decide on a dresser now. We have one we could paint, but then we are down a dresser in another room (it is an old one that was my parents years ago). We saw one at a local baby boutique that was already gray and really beautiful, so it is under consideration. I am a little sad that we won’t be using the vintage dresser from my childhood, but I think we will use it when he gets a bit bigger. It wasn’t going to work out well anyway since it was too tall for a changing table and we don’t have room for another piece of furniture.
· My hair is out of control. I have tons of baby hairs (pregnancy induced growth I guess) that stick up everywhere. Combine those with the humid weather and it is a frizzy disaster. Even Jason has felt the need to comment about the current state of my hair. I don’t know what to do about it either. I tried some new smoothing cream but that didn’t help at all. It doesn’t seem to matter how I style it, it just turns into a poufy, frizzball mess. Argh.
· I think I will be announcing the baby’s name this week. I am a little nervous about it since a few of the people we have shared it with have not liked it. But, we love it and I guess that is what really matters. It is our son after all.
· Time is really going by fast these days. I can’t believe it has been over a month since we found out we were having a boy!


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