Baby Wood’s Name

19 Sep

Our names are a pretty important part of our identity. They distinguish us from others. They are how others know us. Our names are used constantly throughout life. When recognized for honors, our name goes on a plaque and when recognized for bad behavior, our names goes on the chalkboard. Some people love their name, some people despise their name,
and others are completely indifferent. Names can be a source of wonderment (the unique name) or a source of criticism (the easily made fun of name). For all these reasons and more, the name we decided to give our son was a matter of importance of us.

Our plan was to not consider names until we knew if this baby was a boy or a girl (why waste time on names we won’t be needing). However, when I came across a name I liked, I jotted it down in my handy dandy baby notebook that I keep with me always. Before I knew it, I had a decent list of names.

On the day that we had our ultrasound, Jason and I both left with a feeling that it was a boy (we obviously thought we saw something on the screen). I tried not to think about it too much during the day. After work, Jason and I met at Nordstrom to get the baby outfit. As soon as I got in my car, a name hit me (first and middle). It was on the list, but all the sudden at the moment, I KNEW this was the name. I called Jason (who was in his car behind me) and told him that I just knew it was a boy, that I had a name that I loved, and that I just knew it was supposed to be our baby’s name. The feeling I had was indescribable and overwhelming. I couldn’t help myself from calling the baby that in my mind all the way home. As soon as we opened the outfit and confirmed that the baby was in fact a boy, I started calling him by that name. Jason suggested that we not call him anything yet until we had really thought about all the names we liked and decided. I agreed, but in my mind I knew that this was the name.

A few weeks later we drove to Memphis and on the way we went through all the boy names in the baby book. We only added a couple to our list. We went through the list and we both agreed that my initial name was the best of the best. We haven’t looked back since (at least for the first name).

We are still considering the middle name a bit, so I am not going to disclose it until we are 100% sure.

So without further adieu…. Baby Wood, our first born, our son, will be named…..

Liam is derived my sister’s name middle name is “Leigh” (which is the beginning syllable of Liam). Hopefully it isn’t strange to name a boy after a girl, but whatever (he doesn’t have to share that information with his friends). It is an Irish name and means “strong-willed warrior” (probably appropriate for a kid of two very determined (and a bit stubborn) people). To me, it sounds very distinguished and classic (especially with the top middle name we have picked), yet also modern as it has only recently become a more commonly used name in the US. I think the name is cute for a little boy and will also be appropriate as a grown man (think Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth). It was important to me that his name be professional for when he is a CEO :)

So there it is. Liam Wood. Little Liam (as I affectionately call him right now….I am hoping he grows up to be a big, strong Liam). I really hope he likes it.


2 Responses to “Baby Wood’s Name”

  1. stacy September 19, 2012 at 10:09 AM #

    I am incredibly honored… I LOVE the name (and not just b/c it’s origin.. haha). He is going to be such a lucky little boy to have two amazing parents who put so much thought into his name. Love you so much.

  2. 1947pam September 19, 2012 at 12:05 PM #

    So beautifully written. He will know how carefully you selected his name.

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