20 Sep

I started painting the nursery last night! Woo! I ran out of the white paint (was using left over paint from when we had the house painted), so I only got one coat up. It is probably going to take three coats of white to cover the gray. I kind of got freaked out while I was painting thinking about the fact that I was painting MY BABY’S room. Just a few short months ago in February we had this room painted for a guest bedroom. The thought of it becoming a nursery had not really entered our mind. Now, here I am almost 6 months pregnant painting it because a real life baby is going to be living there. A little scary, not going to lie.

I am also going to order the crib today! I discussed with Jason last night and we decided to pull the trigger and go for it. Worst case scenario, we hate it and paint it. They said it would be 4-6 weeks (of course I’m not holding my breath because my luck with furniture ordering is not good). I am also going to sit in the glider we picked out today (hopefully). The store is supposed to call me when they get it set up (I sat in the shorter version of the chair on Saturday, but I really wanted a taller back and they didn’t have that version on the floor). We will go on Saturday and finalize our fabric decision to get the chair in the works (it will take 8 weeks). I can’t decide whether to do the natural linen color with the slightly lighter print or to go with a solid gray or tan. It is hard to say when we don’t have everything else in the room, but we can’t wait or else we will have no chair to rock little Liam. They also had a dresser there that Jason really liked so I’m going to check it out as I didn’t look very closely last time. Serious progress happening (or course, these long wait periods for furniture will slow us down).

The weather has been really beautiful this week and appears that it will be just as nice this weekend. I LOVE it. I would love to live where it is about 75-80 degrees year round. San Diego would fit the bill nicely I think. Alas, I will keep dreaming and enjoy this perfect weather while it lasts.

The weather cooling down has me thinking of fall leaves and a maternity photo shoot. I am on the fence about maternity pictures, but I do want to send a Christmas card this year (we couldn’t get it together last year with the move in progress and our Christmas vacation cruise). I already have an idea of what I want to do for the card photo. So, I’m thinking we could do combined maternity photos and Christmas card photo. I’ve always wanted to get our photo taken when the leaves were brilliant orange and red fall colors. I need to find a good local photographer now. I have also been looking for a newborn photographer. If you know of any great photographers in the Nashville area, let me know! After our very negative experience with our first wedding photos, I’m a bit gun shy about hiring a photographer that I know very little about.

On a final note, I have to say, that while I may only have two girlfriends here in Nashville, they are two of the sweetest and most thoughtful people I know! So thankful for them!


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