Week 23

24 Sep

(Note: I write this at the end of the week so the baby size and my weight are for the end of the 23rd week J)

Baby Size: 9” and 1.7 lbs (size of an eggplant)

Weight Gain- 14 lbs!! Yikes! I went up another 2 lbs this week. I’m right on track to gain 30 lbs….hopefully I can keep it slow and steady! I also measured my waist this weekend to see how much it had grown from my pre-pregnancy size. I am 10 inches bigger around now! Wow that is a pretty healthy bump!

Sleep: Mostly good. I’m having nightly bathroom trips, but I fall right back to sleep. For the last two weeks I’ve noticed that I am really sore when I wake up from laying down for so long. I’ve definitely been ready to get out of bed and stretch my back a bit.

Maternity Clothes: Everything maternity (or bought for wearing during my pregnancy). The weather has cooled down quite a bit and I’m excited to be dragging out my fall clothes! I even sported my favorite fall boots on Saturday morning!

Aversions/Cravings: No aversions. I’ve had a few cravings this week. Hot chocolate (now that is cooler), auntie ann’s cinnamon sugar bites, and banana bread. Sadly I have not been able to satisfy any of those cravings. I’ve learned that when I am craving something that I can’t get, trying to eat something different does not work. I still end up unsatisfied.

Symptoms: Oy. I’m still having awful back and rib pain, particularly when I’m sitting for extended lengths of time. I’m also still having numbness on my upper right belly. Getting up and down and leaning over are starting to get a bit tricky, which always makes Jason chuckle a little. Otherwise, feeling really good and energetic. I took some long walks with hills and stairs this weekend and it felt so good for my legs to be a little sore the next day!

Doctor Appointments: The next OB appointment is October 10. I am going to the dentist on Friday. I need a cleaning, but I also think I have a broken tooth. Hence I probably should start taking calcium supplements. Not looking forward to the dentist.

Movement: Lots of movement from Mr. Liam! I almost always feel him when I lay down, but he is starting to be a little active when I am standing up too, which can get interesting because his kicks seem to hit more painful spots when I’m standing (like my bladder or some other internal organ not used to being used as a punching bag). The bladder kicks are dangerous (I’ll leave it at that).

Best Moment of the Week: Ordering Liam’s crib and glider! So glad we finally have those on order. They should both be here in 8-10 weeks (hopefully a little sooner)!

What I am Looking Forward To: Working on the board and batten in the nursery next weekend! We are also going to start registering next weekend (which I kind of look forward to and kind of dread…lots of decisions).

What I Miss: Same as last week- being comfortable and not in pain, but I’ll take it for this little guy.


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