Weekend Progress

25 Sep

As hoped, we DID make progress on the nursery this weekend! We now have ordered the crib and the glider, painted the white part of the walls (where the board and batten will go), and bought the materials for the board and batten treatment (approximately $130 for the materials as of now with a few more to purchase). The nursery walls were already a really lovely shade of gray and
we are really liking it with the white, SO we decided to keep the gray on top for now. We will decide for certain once we get the other pieces in the room. It won’t be much area to paint, so I’m comfortable waiting until we know for sure.

I have never painted a wall white before that I can recall (the paint we are using is low VOC, low odor paint so it is safe for mommy and baby). It was a pain. So far it has 4 coats of paint and will get at least one more once the boards are up. It is also tricky because I’m using the trim paint, which has a sheen to it, so it is not forgiving at all.

Next up for the nursery is putting up the board and batten, finding a dresser/changing table, buying bedding, and making curtains. We ended up going with a medium gray linen-look fabric on the glider/recliner. It is boring but will be pretty I hope. I plan to put a patterned pillow on it liven it up. I was concerned about going with a pattern because I don’t want to get tired of the chair since it is pretty pricey. I also wanted a neutral that will go in any room of the house in the future. Since the chair is plain, I definitely want to have a pattern on the curtains. There will also be a pattern on the rug (I showed you the ones we are considering last week). I’m calling the store about a dresser we saw to see if they are willing to come down on the price at all (they sell custom made vintage furniture, so I think there is room to negotiate). We asked on Saturday and they said it was likely we could get a discount and to come by or call on Monday when the owner is there. Hey, it is worth a shot (I can ask for anything over the phone…in person is another story). It is a very light gray dresser with large and small drawers. The lines are clean and square, so it doesn’t look girly.

We also recovered the once blue headboard in gray fabric so that it goes with the bedding we moved over from the now nursery into the guest room. I’m a bit disappointed with my fabric choice (it is too blue for the bedding) but it will be ok. I still have to put the buttons (doing that tonight). We haven’t re-painted the guest room yet, and I’m not sure if we will or not. It doesn’t look terrible with the tan color in there. Sherwin Williams has a great paint sale this week with 40% off, so we need to decide while the sale is still on (today could be the last day- not sure).

I did not get out the fall décor despite having it on the “list” for the weekend. We don’t have that much so maybe I’ll do that one night this week. I’m envious of all the beautiful fall/Halloween mantles and front porches I see on Pinterest and my fave blogs. I love love love fall. From the weather to the clothes to the fabulously rich and warm colors, it is my favorite season by far!


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