It’s Wednesday!

26 Sep

Happy Hump Day! I’m so glad it is Wednesday and the work week is on the down slope. Now that the weather is so beautiful, the week days seem to drag by and the weekends are over in a flash!

I don’t really have much to talk about today. My eating hasn’t been the healthiest over the past week or so and I’m trying to get
back on track. The main problem is that I am not sleeping quite as well, which leads to me sleeping in, running late for work, and not putting together a healthy bag of snacks. I’m sure I will pay for the bad eating on the scale this week. Ugh.

After feeling so great this weekend, yesterday was pretty awful. The pain in my ribs was back full force. I barely made it through the grocery store after work…it definitely took me at least twice as long to get my groceries because I was moving so slow. By the time I finally took a shower, I could feel the swelling in my legs and feet. I have no idea what caused the sudden swelling, but I’m drinking a ton of water today and wearing flats to try to combat it. My stomach felt the tightest/most stretched to date last night. I do not know how it can get any larger without my skin ripping. Jason feels so sorry for me and doesn’t know what to do to make it better (because there isn’t anything that anyone can do). He said last night that he couldn’t understand why any woman wanted to go through all this. That made me think of Michelle Duggar who has been pregnant for approximately 190 months of her life. I do not know how (or why) she does it. I know that the pain and discomfort is only going to get worse, but I honestly cannot even think about it without shuddering. I predict some missed work in the future. I know, I know…it will all be worth it once Liam is here….I’ve heard it and I get it but that doesn’t stop the tears when I’m can’t get any relief.

Everyone I pass is definitely noticing I’m pregnant now. There is no disguising it. I notice people’s eyes gravitate to my belly when I pass by. Fortunately, I feel like people are a little nicer when they see I’m “with child” (I just love that old timey phrase….and “in a delicate way” cracks me up). I’ve been asked when I’m due now probably 6 times. One sweet lady at Home Depot said I was glowing (which I am not, but I still appreciated the comment). No one has let me cut in line for the restroom yet. I feel like I should have some returned favors coming because I always let pregnant ladies go in front of me. I haven’t had the uncomfortable encounters yet where strangers tell me their birth stories, give advice, or ask personal questions about my own parenting plans.

I’m going to the dentist on Friday for a cleaning and a chipped tooth. Super fun. I have no idea what happened (other than the obvious answer of baby stealing my calcium), but last Friday one of my teeth just broke out of nowhere. I bought some calcium supplements to hopefully help strengthen my teeth. I’ve been flossing a lot since the tooth broke too hoping the dentist won’t notice that I haven’t kept up with my flossing (it is a new dentist so I hate to give a bad first impression!).

And to finish up this boring, random post, here is a cute picture of Miley and Jason. She adores Jason and always wants to be by him. They were watching football on Sunday.

And here are both girls waiting on Daddy to get home!


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